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Remote Config/Setup of Remote Desktop Service on Server 2008


Project includes using a remote desktop access tool ([url removed, login to view]) to access our new MS Windows Small Business Server 2008 to perform complete setup and configuration for server to allow Remote Desktop Services to be securely accessed via https login;

- Configure all necessary parameters of MS Server 2008 to allow https access of Remote Desktop Services (5 client license);

1. Server will be already setup with access over [url removed, login to view] to allow technician remote access & control of project server.

2. Configure dual NICs; first one with use of an assigned external IP to allow https access to Remote Desktop Services [RDS] (old terminal services) for a 5 client license. Second NIC to allow office employee access to server from office intranet for lan access to RDS.

3. Setup DNS and all other required Server services for server to fully function and allow internet and intranet employees to access Remote Desktop services via Internet or local LAN.

4. Office LAN already has an established windows server 2003 on LAN controlling office PCs & software, the project server must not depend on or interact with other main server, but co-exist within same LAN subnet using 2nd NIC.

5. Once the server is initially programmed on initial subnet 192.168.*.* subnet and has undergone testing to confirm remote desktop access via https login, server will then be relocated to secondary subnet that is behind 192.168.*.*, which will be 10.53.*.*; and make adjustments to 192.168.*.* subnet edge router (which is a m0n0wall router) to allow Remote Port exception allowing Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) traffic to pass through on TCP port 3389 on 10.53.*.* subnet where server will be placed as end-point location. Alternative configuration is to setup server on 10.53.*.* network right off the start, but complicates assistance of in-house technician, as 10.53.*.* is at a different corporate office location.

This project is a priority for our company.

Contracted technician will have to be prepared to work on initial server RDS configuration while server is on 192.168.*.* subnet. Then allow a day for the relocation of the server to the [url removed, login to view] subnet with instructions to in-house tech as to what to change in moving it to the 2nd subnet behind 192.168.*.*, if required. Technician would then login to server once relocated to 2nd subnet and confirm that https RDS access is functioning properly and fully operational for both Internet & LAN to access RDS of project server. Technician should be prepare to follow up & troubleshoot with project until project server is functioning as outlined in above project details.

Corporate in-house technician will be available to assist in circumstances of loss remote access or required on-site system changes, but in-house technician has limited Server services knowledge. Landline phone #, skype, and g-Chat video/audio can be used for communicating with in-house IT technician regarding project parameters or necessary on-location assistance for remote technician

We would like this project completed in the immediate future and with prompt turnaround time once project consultation is initiated.

Payment of project is upon completion and confirm functionality of accessing & utilizing Remote Desktop services on project server from Internet and corporate subnet. Partial configuration, or none functioning of server's RDS for Internet & LAN subnet access will not qualify for partial project contract payment to technician.

Prompt completion turn around on this project in under 4 days, with few to no technical complications and to the satisfaction of our corporate in-house technician, will result in a $100 USD Project Bonus to contracted technician for prompt professional services.

Advantageous for contract technician to have MCITP certification, but a requirement of being hired. Adversely, don't tender this project if you are not fully experienced in configuring the required server services within this project.

Skills: System Admin, Windows Server

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