VHS to DVD conversion guide.

I need a comprehensive guide on how to convert VHS footage (NTSC) into DVD format. I am aware that there are one-click solutions out there that require inexpensive equipment and basic pointing and clicking on the computer. I am not interested in those cheap solutions because they result in cheap video results. I need a guide that provides a THOROUGH explanation of the entire process for people who want their video to look the best it can look.

The guide is intended to be a stand-alone document that provides readers with everything that they they need to complete the conversion process successfully. The guide must include topics such as:

- The type of equipment and software needed. Include specific product names and model numbers, along with explanations on why these products are desirable.

- Clear, step-by-step instructions on how to use each of those products.

- Common obstacles that one might encounter during the conversion process and how to overcome them.

- Anything else you think would be helpful to know while working through the conversion process.

Please write for an English-speaking audience who is not familiar with the conversion process, but who is willing to learn and willing to spend the time and money to achieve the best-quality video results. Users of your guide should be able to follow the guide from start to finish and understand exactly what they need to do without consulting other materials. Define your terms clearly, be thorough in your explanations, use graphics if you think they will better highlight your points, and don't assume that the reader knows what you are talking about.

There are already lots of websites out there with varying qualities of guides and instructions posted about this subject. You may search the Internet and browse through such websites to get ideas, but your guide should be far more detailed than what is already out there.

Your guide should include citations when appropriate. For example, if you are stating a fact that is not common knowledge, you must provide a source. If you make a claim that product X outperforms product Y, you must provide a source. When in doubt, provide a source. There is no such thing as too many citations. Please use superscripts and footnotes with a full reference section provided at the end of the guide.

Please include the following three pieces of information in your bid. First, explain your familiarity and experience with this conversion process. Second, explain what makes you knowledgeable enough to write this guide. (This can tie in with the first point, obviously.) And third, let me know what your favorite English-language movie is. I'm asking for this last item because I want to make sure you have actually read this job description. I've previously posted this project and received many bids where the bidders obviously did not read this description. Don't be like them.

In your bid, please do not include anything that violates Freelancer's TOS. Do not include links to external websites or ask me to download any files. Everything that needs to be said can be said directly in your bid.

I only use Freelancer's milestone payment system. Please do not ask me to use PayPal, Skrill (Moneybookers), or any other service, or to make advance payments for incomplete projects.

If you have any questions for me about anything that I have discussed thus far, or if you have any of your own ideas about how to make this guide an even greater success, feel free to let me know. Good communication will always lead to better results.

Skills: Electronics, Technical Support, Technical Writing, Video Services, Videography

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