Undergraduate computer architecture/hardware assignment


10 undergraduate level comp architecture/hardware questions and finding an article online about I/O architecture and writing 250-300 words on how it helped you better understand I/O architecture.

## Deliverables

The assignment is below:

Explain the reasons why programmed I/O does not work very well when the I/O device is a hard disk or a graphics display.

When an interrupt occurs, what happens to the program that is currently executing at the time?

What kind of interrupt occurs when a user's program tries to execute a privileged instruction?

What does DMA stand for? What capability does DMA add to a computer?

What are the three primary conditions that are required for DMA to take place?

What are the five basic hardware components that make up a computer?

What is the purpose of a bus interface or bus bridge?

What are major similarities and differences between the PCI-Express bus and the PCI bus?

What are the advantages of USB as a means to connect peripheral devices to the computer?

What are the advantages offered by I/O channel architecture, such as that used on mainframe computer systems, over bus architecture?

Find an article online about I/O architecture and write 250-300 words on how it helped you better understand I/O architecture.

Skills: Article Rewriting, Engineering, Research Writing, Software Architecture, Software Testing, Translation

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