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URGENT Excel Visual Basic Macro Update - NEED URGENTLY

I am looking for an expert Excel macro / Visual Basic programmer to be able to make an update to my Excel workbook (if I find someone that can do this at a fair price, I will hire as soon as now). When you open the attached file it should be in shared mode. Before we begin, let me show you how my existing macros work. Try the following:

1. Doubleclick on any cell (try a cell other than a cell in columns A through E - even though you can doubleclick any cell in the workbook, I already placed comments in columns A through E that will be referred to later) and proceed to input any text comment

2. After you input the text comment, mouseover the cell you had inputted the comment in, and you will see the comment you had written appear.

Now that you know how the workbook works, the following are the NEEDS I have (I have two primary needs). When you bid on this project, please provide me the timeframe for completion AND identify whether your bid price reflects NEED 1, NEED2, or BOTH (if you can do BOTH, we will need the end solution integrate both NEED 1 and NEED 2):


1. Whenever a user opens the workbook, I'd like a macro to run automatically. This macro will copy the entire columns A through E and proceed to paste to columns S through W.

2. The macro will then immediately copy columns S through W and do a paste special-comments only (pasting only comments) back to columns A through E.

So all this startup macro does is copy A-F, paste to S-X, then copy S-X, and paste special-comments only back to A-E. I know it seems as if we are not changing anything, but it is actually impacting the workbook. Thie startup macro only needs to run once upon a user opening the workbook.


First to understand the issue please do the following (in the attached Excel workbook):

a. First close the [url removed, login to view] workbook and reopen it (no need to save).

b. Now mouseover cell C7 and you will see three comments that are bolded.

c. Doubleclick cell C7 and add in a comment. Then, mouseover cell C7 and you will see that you added comment is also in bold.

d. Now right click and edit the comment, and highlight all the comments and use keyboard command "CTRL + I" to change it to all italics.

e. Doubleclick cell C7 to add another comment. Then, mouseover cell C7 and you will see that the added comment is also in italics.

So the issue we have is that added comments are always based on the formatting (whether bold or italics) that preceded it. We want any new comments added to be in regular font (non-bolded, non-italic) regardless of what preceded it.

Skills: Data Processing, Excel, Visual Basic

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