Silverlight/Visual C# guru needed,

This project is basically to:

1) Convert the current project from WPF/ to Silverlight/Visual C#

2) Get the treeview working with all the buttons in the "new" tab and also so the user can edit & delete nodes

3) Get all of the telerik:richtextboxes working with the telerik:richtextboxui & telerik:statusbar. Currently, it only works properly when Scene 1 is selected.

4) Be able to save the state of the application into an .xml file, and save the telerik:richtextbox contents into seperate docx's. Basically make all of the richtextbox's work like they do in Write Way Pro and Write It Now 4

Please download the project attached and the trial versions of WriteWay Pro [url removed, login to view] & Write it now 4 [url removed, login to view]

Using the project attached and the above software for 2 minutesand that will help you understand what I need for this project.

After you have done that, please refer to the advanced details.

## Deliverables

1) Convert the attached project to Silverlight 5/Visual C# & make sure all of the files are neatly organised into folders in the new solution. (This should be pretty easy since the project is 95% xaml at the moment.)

2) Configure all of the buttons in the "New" tab to create their respective items/nodes in the treeview.

3) Configure the application so all telerik:richtextbox's work correctly with the Telerik richtextboxui, the telerik document statusbar, and the backstage menu. Currently, it only works correctly when Scene 1 is selected.

4) Configure the application so the contents of each richtextbox are automatically saved to a seperate docx file each time a user navigates away from a richtextbox.

When the user returns to a richtextbox, it's docx file should load.

5) Configure the application so whenever the treeview is edited (header name changed, or new item created, or item deleted) it is saved according to the .xml structure attached.

6) Configure the backstage menu so it works as described below:

"New" - open up a file dialog where the user can create a *.xml project file with a default .xml file.

"Open" - should open up a file dialog where the use can load any *.xml project file.

"Save all" - open's up a file dialog where the user can save the state of the treeview in a *.xml project file. All of richtextboxes contents should also save to their respective docx files.

Do not configure the other buttons in the backstage menu.

7) Configure the application so the application remembers which tab was last selected in any given node, and then automatically loads the tab when that node is selected.

8) Configure the application so when it loads from the .xml file, it is in exactly the same state as it was when the .xml file was saved.

_**Specific notes about how the "New" Tab ribbon buttons should work:**_

* New - Section, Chapter & Scene buttons should work exactly as they do in Writeway Pro (download the demo @ [url removed, login to view]) except for the following:

* \---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|

* a "Section" in this software is the same as a Page in Writewaypro

* \---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|

* The application should not ask you to the name a new node. Instead, the default header for any item should be Act #, Chapter #, Scene # etc etc and exactly as in writewaypro the number should remain in order.

* \---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|

* If a new Act is created, a child chapter and a child scene should also be created.

* \---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|

* If a new chapter is created a new child scene should also be created.

* \---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|

* All treeviewitem headers should be editable except for the ones listed below. Editing a treeviewitem header must work exactly the same as Visual Studio 2010 express solution explorer where a Single click = Select and a Second click = Edit

* \---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|

* The following treeviewitem headers are not editable:


* Front Matter, Back Matter, Story Outline, Genre Guidance Act Outlines, Chapter Outlines, Character Development, Plot Development, Conflict Development, Setting Development, Notes, Ideas.

* \---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|

* Anytime a New node is created or a header is edited, or a new tab is selected the changes should be saved to the .xml project file.

* \---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|

* Just as the nodes currently navigate the mainframe to different pages, all new nodes must also navigate to their respective frame.

* \---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|\---|

* You must keep to the format of .xml file attached, any changes to the .xml file must be approved by me first. Though I do encourage recommendations to improve the structure of the .xml

You won't use some of the tags in the xml, but please don't delete them.


An application that meets all of the requirements listed in the project description written in Silver 5/Visual C#

The solution must load correctly in my environment without any errors or warnings. If it does not, you will be required to remote connect to my computer and fix all of the issues via Team Viewer.

My environment

Windows 7 32 bit

Silverlight 5 SDK

Visual Web Developer Express 2010

Skills: .NET, C# Programming, Silverlight, Software Architecture, Visual Basic, Windows Desktop

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