Software for MC9090 Symbol / Windows CE



I need a small piece of software that can run on the Symbol MC9090 / 9060 Scanners. The idea is that when i receive alot of goods, i need to scan these goods into locations ( barcodes ) and then it should remember where the goods. When all goods have been scanned in, i should then be able to scan the barcode of each product i need to pack and it should tell me what location it is in and ask for the good to be scanned, but there should be a skip function also for this. Please note same product can be in multiple locations - and if it has been taken from one it should take from another location. I should also be able to overwrite the default location suggestion, so I click other location and i can choose where to take it from.

Also there should be a find function, where I can scan or type barcode and it show me all the location it is in.

After Im done, i should be able to reset all locations and start from scratch.

Software should work fast and should not need to have any unnessary clicks, for example when I go to scan items - i scan the barcode for the product i want, go to location, take product and scan barcode ( barcode is validated, if OK - it says correct - and you are able to scan next product. So you only need to click if you want other location, skip or want to use other function.

Please give price on above for solution 1.

Maybe I want to have another version where we instead of loading each product, we can load the entire order in and it know what products to pack in that order. I could imagine that we would scan and order number and system would download and xml with all items ( barcodes ) and qty. And you would then have to scan these items.

Skills: .NET, Software Architecture, Visual Basic

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