VB scripts to interface with Sena RHIO10



I want to control this device Sena RHIO10 ( [url removed, login to view] ) from my home automation software called HomeSeer ( [url removed, login to view] ). There is no need for you to learn HomeSeer. It allows me to run Visual Basic scripts. As far as you provide the VB script, I can run it in HomeSeer. I have done this before with other VB scripts.

RHIO10 has well developed web interface where I can do all initial setup. I need only few functions/scripts to operate the device.

1. Connect/diconnect to the device remotely over TCP/IP protocol

2. Turn on/off each of the 10 digital outputs

3. Read on/off status of each of the 12 digital inputs

4. Read the level (from 0 to 1023) of each of the 4 analog inputs

RHIO10 has software libraries as well, that you can use, however those are not visual basic and can not be used directly by my HomeSeer software.

RHIO10 is online and I can provide you access to it remotely. All the work can be done remotely from anywhere in the world.

While, I do not expect you to learn HomeSeer (HS), you should help me moving your scripts to HS machine and running them as a test.

Project will be considered completed when I can run your VB scripts from my HS computer (Windows XP ).

Skills: Visual Basic, Windows Desktop

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