MVC LDAP Integration using AspNet Maker 10.x


This MICRO project has 2 parts, related to Login, using C#, Active Directory, LDAP.

PART 1: Use [url removed, login to view] Maker 10.1 and need to integrate LDAP Authentication into the Application and make it Work in the IIS 7.5 environment. C# code is required in the "User_CustomValidate" Global event. When the user logs in to the application they are authenticated against LDAP. Each user has a role and the roles are listed in the sample Access database. I need the code in such a way that I simply replace the testing LDAP Path with my path that looks like this [url removed, login to view] and the roles which are listed in the sample database in the attached RAR file. It is critical to note the generated application will control role based access once the user is authenticated. To complete this task I will upload my path and information to the live server and test to ensure that it works with the live SQL 2008 R2 database and LDAP on the domain. A sample project and generated files is attached to this project. To assist I have also attached two PDFs that detail the use of codes and code forum support from the Webmaster.

PART 2: Create a basic Login Page using [url removed, login to view] 4.5 C# eg Login.aspx. This simply needs to authenticate against the same LDAP address and sample database roles but use code to control access to basic controls, content or folders. A basic sample is all that is required against the three primary roles (Owner,Editor,Reader) as the administrator has access to all. Samples required. Filter display of button control based on each role, Filter page access using 3 sample pages. Filter folder access based on role, Filter Grid based on role. It is important to note that the database stores a UserLevelID which is an INT field against each role.

Please advise also on what settings need to be modified in IIS to get these separate web apps to work in production.

Skills: Active Directory, C# Programming, IIS, MVC, Web Security

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