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This is a one page quicky for someone versed in turning an image into a webpage. Quick way to make $30 for an hour or so of work.

Need to convert the psd attached to this project into a css-driven html or php. Please 'mute' the text in the psd file before splicing and saving, as all text will need to be added using css for the different styles in the design.

You can expect to apply a few of the rounded corner boxes as table cell backgrounds that have another table on top to contain the text, 3 (1-2 fields each) simple forms (see below for more info), and will need it to look just like the psd image when done in both IE & Firefox.

Please open the design psd so the following tasks make sense.

There are 3 form functions on the page and here is how they are laid out:


- Subscribe to news (top right of page)

User enters email address and address is sent to info at 50dollarlogos dot com | Subject: NEWS SUBSCRIPTION

Form then displays a duplicate of the home page, but without the main body text. In place of the body text is "Sent! Thanks for your interest in our products!" (this will be used for the other forms as well).


- 'Start free trial' form -

Sends 'name' and 'email' to the same email (info at 50dollarlogos dot com) with subject: "FREE TRIAL MEMBER"

, then directs to the same 'sent' page mentioned a second ago.


'Tell a Friend' form:

"From: {Sender's Name}"

"Subject: Check this out!"


"Just enter some test text and I'll add the real text later that will be sent to users who use this specific form"


* Sends the above info and directs to the 'sent' page like the other forms.


Please let me know if you have any questions. The psd is attached to the project page. If you can make this look exactly like the psd, using css for all text and utilizing tables (background image the rounded corner boxes without text and apply the text in the table to match the same padding, etc), please confirm and we can get started right now.

*** Hoping to have this done by 12pm, CST. If you can do this, please place a bid.

Skills: Anything Goes, CSS, HTML, Website Design

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