Professional / High Quality Graphics - Logo / Headers / Branding (For US Sports Website)

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I need some professional grade, high quality graphics made for a new website brand. Professional & high quality graphics only!!

I will also need a designer who can be creative when working on a logo and website headers (as well as social page graphics). I need someone who is good at creating new brand logos for companies and can create a professional looking brand image as well as headers for our new sports related venture. I will need someone who will make sure that we are satisfied with the graphics and will to re-makes if not pleased. Will pay at a rate of $15-30/hour. If you submit a mockup that is impressive with an affordable hourly rate, I will be likely to hire you.

Note: When submitting your bid for this project, I would really prefer that you include a small mockup to show me an idea that you have for the logo (and/or) the header. You can include a watermark if you'd like. Please read what I need created below. .

These graphics will be for a new US sports (sports betting and sports picks) related website.

-The site URL is

-The title of the site is "Total Choice Sports". The word picks in in the URL because the site will include a lot of sports "picks" and predictions.

-Please view the site URL above and make note of the layout's color scheme. The color scheme of the logo and header images doesn't have to match same as the current header image. Just make sure it fits with the color scheme of the rest of the site's template.

1. First, I will need a professonal logo for the new website brand (in small, medium, and large size).

I will need the vector image as well as the logo in jpg or gif form.

2. I will need a default header for the site that (which includes the logo) will go in the top left corner (where the current header is located).

2a. Along with the default header I will need also need the above header customized for each category/sport to use for each sport, which includes;

-"NFL Football" (American Football...Not Soccer)

-"College Football" (American Football...Not Soccer)

-"NBA Basketball"

-"College Basketball"

-"Major League Baseball"

-"NHL Hockey"


You can include the actual words of the categories along in the header image, but also include a little image to add to the header to symbolize the category as well..

3. I will need a 16x16 favicon to use for our site as well. It can be of the logo or it can say "TCP" in the font of the header.

4. I will also need an 851x315 size header banner to put at the top of our facebook timeline page that includes the following text;

Main Title:

Total Choice Sports

Sub Text:

Sports Betting News, Odds, Picks & More - Free Sports Picks in all Sports - Premium/Expert Service Picks

Also include our site URL. The banner can include sports betting related stuff or a background of of a sports area, have some pictures.

Create this image in the same color scheme as our site, logo, headers.

5. I will also need a very large image to use for the background of our twitter page.

Add the logo along with our title and site URL to the

1600x900 at the very least with the majority of it being filler color in the scheme of our site and logo. Then also extend it some and fade out the edges so it will work for people with large monitors and higher screen resolutions.

Note: Designer agrees to give up all legal copywriting / ownership rights to employer for all work contained in this project

Skills: Graphic Design, Illustrator, Logo Design, Photoshop, Website Design

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