Sophisticated Online 3D Dress-up Game (willing to hire web design & 3D modeller separately)

In Progress

Basically, we are creating a Sims-like 3D dress design game with the elegance of ZARA embedded in a website. Unlike traditional flash 2D dress-up games that work on a drag-and-drop system, this one will work through point-and-click.

More specifically, the website's home page will have links to three pages:

A) "Designers Workshop" (the actual game)

B) "About Us" (simple image and text page)

C) "Contact Us" (a contact form page)

The functionality of the game has 3 parts:

1 - "Design Dress"

• Pick the TOP neckline cut: bateau, spaghetti strap, strapless, V-neck, one-shoulder, off-the-shoulder

• Pick the SKIRT cut: pencil, A-line, peplum, slit

• Pick the HEMLINE length: mini, knee, calf, floor-length

• Pick the MATERIAL: cotton, chiffon, satin

• Pick the COLOR: black, white, red, orange, yellow, pink, purple, green, blue, gold, silver

• Price changes show up as they pick the type of hemline and fabric

2 - "Change Model" (button should appear at the bottom left-hand corner)

• 3D model

• Change model SKIN color: fair, medium, tan, dark

• Change model HAIR colorr: black, brown, blonde, red

• Change BACKGROUND: bedroom background, outdoor background, church background, prom/ball background

3 - "Make My Dress" (button should appear at the bottom right-hand corner)

• Shows the PRICE of the dress by adding the cost of the material plus any accessories together

• Allows user to select the QUANTITY purchased as well as the specific measure for EACH INDIVIDUAL dress

• Dress MEASUREMENTS to be plugged in: Bust, Waist, & Hip (options for both CM or INCHES)

• Option to sign-up email as a user and save dress designs

• Traditional payment page with confirmation emailing system

** We are completely open to ideas of the visual design and how the clicking system will work, but what we have in mind was:

- A 3D model on one side of the page and a floating window/box full of options on the other side

- Background takes up the entire page (the default background will be a bedroom with hardwood floors)

- The box with the options will have a series of tabs and individual icons showing a preview of the item (and its price)

- Users click on the icons and the corresponding item clicked will show up on the model

- Clicking on the item on the model will open up the tab for that item to select new options (i.e. click on the Top to open up the tab to pick different neckline)

In terms of the backend we need:

• Payment system

• Ability to add/change items to call the categories: tops, bottoms, accessories

• Ability to add/change materials

• Ability to add/change price of each item/material

• Email transfer of user designs in the form of a final snapshot of the dresses as well as a breakdown of the cut and measurements

We are open to hiring separate specialists to do the website functions and the design/3D modeling. Please indicate if you would like to do both, or just one aspect, as well as your proposed completion time.

Attached are some images for inspiration and explanation of certain designs. More details will be discussed upon hiring.

Lastly, this is a First Stage prototype to show investors. Thus, once we get more investors interested, there is plenty of more projects to be done in terms expanding the game and its options.

Thanks for your time and we look forward to your submissions!

Skills: 3D Modelling, eCommerce, Game Design, Graphic Design, Website Design

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