(Work for Free) on a Revolutionary Idea


Hey so I'm new to this, but I have a good idea for a website and I need help designing it.

It would be a similar idea to craigslist but in a smaller scale. Basically, this would be a website that would match up professional people such as plumbers, artists, or lawyers to other professional people. They would be able to locally exchange their services to one another. For example, if I was a plumber in need of a new paint job, I could search for a painter that might be in need of plumbing. Each member could design a profile including their profession and what they are in need of. This site would basically help match up local people to other local people in need of jobs. This website could eliminate the high end costs of professional, big company jobs.

Im not really sure how bidding works so I guess I will review all applicants and see who can help me the most with the lowest cost. Thanks. Im also not sure how long this website would take but it is a standard website with a member login. Thanks.

Skills: Anything Goes, Graphic Design, HTML, Website Design

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