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  • mckmalhotra Profile Picture


    chandigarh,  India

    Leo Technologies [Removed by Freelancer.com admin] _______________________________________________ Areas Of Profession: More than 6 years of experience in software development. Created complex back-end management systems including content management, e-commerce, customer relations and communication interfaces. The projects based on PHP in conjunction with various other web development technologies. PHP (pure PHP, PHP with OOP, PHP with frameworks), SQL (generic SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, ORM), JavaScript (generic JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX), Comet server (real-time data streaming), XHTML, CSS, XML and SVN are used. Designed layouts and templates for various small companies and individuals. We have worked in the following Areas: * web site development with security access, supplier order form, category manager, supplier and retailer registration forms * Blogs Sites (Wordpress,Joomla,Volution,Pligg etc) * Online shopping sites(Magento,Drupal,Oscommerce,Joomla etc) * Social Networking sites(Wordpress,Joomla etc) * user software support * software testing * intranet database applications * dynamic content applications * internet marketing * e-commerce applications * multi-level affiliate systems * ads/clicks network systems * content management systems * file upload/download management systems * management systems in general Professional Skills: * Programming Languages/Technologies o PHP with OOP (7 year of experience) o JavaScript (7 years of experience) o AJAX o Comet solutions (real-time data streaming based on PHP and AJAX which allows to have thousands open connections at the same time) * Frameworks o Zend o PEAR * ORMs and DB Abstraction Layers o Doctrine o MDB2 o DbSimple * Template Engines o Smarty o FastTemplate * JavaScript Libraries o jQuery * Databases o Generic SQL programming (7 years experience) o MySQL o PostgreSQL o Interbase * Standards o HTML 4.01, XHTML 1.0/1.1 o XML o CSS1, CSS2 o DOM * E-Commerce o osCommerce o Zen Cart * Protocols o HTTP o CGI * Application Environments o Apache o PHP o ASP/VBScript * Operation systems/platforms o Unix (FreeBSD,Linux) o Windows 95/98/2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/Windows 7 * Administration o Debian Linux *CMS's o Magento (Ecommerce) o Joomla o Wordpress o Xcart o oscommerce Location: Punjab,India Contact: Seeking:Full Time, Contract, Freelance Facebook Apllications 1) http://apps.facebook.com/isnapchat It is an application for Artists and contains lot of functionalities as you mentioned in your project requirement. 2) http://apps.facebook.com/shmoods An application to set your social mood and publish in on facebook by using Google Map 3) http://apps.facebook.com/recreational_athlete/?ref=bookmarks A social network application use to manage activities/events on the facebook through localizing them by network 4) http://apps.facebook.com/social-gifts/ An application that uses to send gifts to your facebook friends along with allow you to add gifts in the application and manage them too. 5) http://apps.facebook.com/shurul-splat/ App application use to create funny pictures for your friends. 6) http://apps.facebook.com/shan-e-ahle-beat/ An Islamic application its my personal project. Through it you can send Islamic gifts to your friends. 7) http://www.facebook.com/pages/apnaPakistan/133969493308120?v=app_180257352016463&ref=ts Fan page references. you can see my all fan pages on this link 8) Iframe Tab (New FB Technology) http://www.facebook.com/pages/Mudi-Shah/180406358655909?sk=app_118250008250107 Joomla Project # 1: http://www.tagbak.co.uk (Shopping Site) Description: Modules and Components Creation.Basically this site selling the tags which are use to found any lost product. joomla social networking site Project # 2 :http://myclubhop.com/ Project # 3 :http://www.magnumeducation.com Description:Embed Collasable menu andIimage Veiwer Component. Project # 4 :http://ngrane.com/kiva/ Project # 5 :http://www1.orbitelectric.com/ Project # 6: http://www.ilovespongebob.eu Project # 7 :http://www.ilovedora.eu Project # 8 :http://www.ductair.com Wordpress Wordpress EPHOTO Theme projects Project # 1 :http://www.larsschwetje.com/news/ Project # 2 :http://www.larsschwetje.com/makingof/ Wordpress THESIS Theme projects Project # 3 :http://antonpearce.com/ Project # 4 :http://robertpearce.com.au/ Project # 5 :http://perthcounselling.com/ Wordpress Simple Themes related projects Project # 6 :http://www.truenorthresources.com/ Project # 7 :http://ukcelebritynews.yuddy.com/ Project # 8 :http://celebritynews.yuddy.com/ Project # 9 :http://celebritynews.yuddy.com/ Project # 10 :http://8888345005.com/index.php Magento Project # 1 : Mirofeeds: http://www.mirofeeds.co.nz Project # 2 : Flawlessrides: http://flawlessrides.com/store Project # 3 : Kimhensley: http://www.kimhensley.com/magento2/store Project # 4 : Stone2yourhome: http://stone2yourhome.co.uk Project # 5 : Fragrance: http://fragrancestreet.com/store/index.php/ Project # 6 :Aankerowing: http://ankaarowingshoes.com/ Project # 7 :http://www.underwaterworld.us/ Project # 8 : http://solartheusa.com/ Project # 9 : http://store.vintageriot.com/ Project # 10 : http://store.vintageriot.com/wholesale Project # 11:http://www.valuesbookclub.com/ Project # 12 :http://www.dogquality.com/ Project # 13 :http://bodymindwisdom.com/ Project # 14 :http://www.redchairinvest.com Project # 15 :http://www.encoreintl.com/ Project # 16:http://officegemini.testclientsite.com Project # 17:http://www.drinkprotea.com Envoinment:Magento Description:its a berverages store.Embedded two Modules one is Survey component,Photo Gallery component.both components are created manually Project # 9 :"Managing a supplier and order module for magento admin panel" Description:Its a cron based module which will compare the prices of products from all over the world and find the best 4 selling prices and automatically update the cataloginventory_stock_items tables in magento database.its also shows the list of qty_to order items with there sku and supplier name.means the qtty which is not in stock at presents will show in a window with its best pricres so that a shopkeeper can do order for a particular product. Envoirnment:Magento Database Oscommerce Project # 1 : http://www.vedaliving.com/ Project # 2 : http://www.benttreeimagery.com/dev/ Envoirnment:Oscommerce Description:Integration of UPS(United Parsal Service), Paypal Integration, Authorize.net Integration and Development module for Orders deatils. Jquery / Mootools Well known with these advanced libraries for building interactive and cool effects websites. Sites fully equipped with Jquery Mostly all sites equipped with jquery in form validation and with some what effects. Project #1: http://navsarawebstudio.com/pr/contact.html - Please note interactive drop down ( This customised jquery plugin written by me during my free time – as I posted this plugin in my blog listing. Project #2: http://blog.navsarawebstudio.com/interactive-drop-down/ ) Project #3: http://www.quizius.com/ - Denmark based website regarding attempting and management of quiz.[open in chrome] Project #4: http://www.duopoll.com/ - Same Denmark based website, Fully site created with jquery. [open in chrome] Project #5: http:// navsarawebstudio.com/pr/ - Various pages equipped with Jquery like Project #6: Contact page - http://navsarawebstudio.com/pr/contact.html and Store Project #7: Locator http:// navsarawebstudio.com/pr/store-locator.html (click on store names) Drupal www.topuniversities.com www.Xeikon.com http://nationalmortgageprofessional.com/ SEO Check the rank of the following site www.aksinteractive.com Core PHP Project # 1: Our most validated code website: Talktosundeep http://www.talktosundeep.com.au Project # 2: And fully developed and managing this website: http://sushi-typhoon.com Project # 3: Biocare Labs http://biocarelabs.com and new theme http://biocarelabs.com/newtheme Project # 4: Lillstreet http://lillstreet.com Project # 5: Maven Beauty http://mavenbeauty.com Project # 6: Unique Pairings http://www.uniquepairings.com/ Project # 7: Preservation Chicago http://www.preservationchicago.org/ Project # 8: Whats new with shoes http://www.whatsnewwithshoes.com/ Project # 9: I for Beauty http://www.iforbeauty.net/ Project # 10: Import Explosion Description:Basically this site selling the importexplosion script which is use to invites friends from Social and Provider sites. This script provide an Admin Panel for Managing the ImportExplosion forms on Website .Though this admin panel an admin generate any custom form code and then embed on its webite. In this i worked on whole following process: 1) Invite friends 2) Script Installation 2) Key licensing 3) Serail key genertaion 4) Embedding Code generation (HTML , javascript, PHP code ) Envoirnment:Core Php Project # 11 : http://www.couponhui.com Description: Created Coupon CMS. Envoirnment:Core Php Project # 12: “http://www.tcyonline.com/etutoring” Environment: Php, MYsql, java script, Css Description: www.tcyonline.com/etutoring -admin panel - was developed to provide the unique program for one-on-one live online tutoring through the whiteboard. Guided by a tutor and backed by state aligned curriculum, assessments andindividualized tutoring plans, it has the flexibility to offer 24/7 services all year. Project # 13: “http://www.tcyonline.com/india/Tests” Environment: Win2003, Php, MYsql, java script, Css Description: http://www.tcyonline.com/india/Tests trough this you can take any test of specific category. After taking the test youcan evaluate yours score too with question wise solution . Project # 14: “TCY Test Uploading Panel ” Environment: Php, MYsql, java script, Css Description: This Panel Only for internal use. Through this an author can upload his/her test, gives the of number question,time and number of sections. After running the test you can Approve the test to display on site. Project # 15: PPC - Personal Pay Per Click Search Engine System Location: http://www.netbizsearch.com http://www.juppyn.com/new Description:Pay per click (PPC) system is a set of scripts that help to advertise products and services, and earn money. It is a PPC search engine, combining the best and most important features of existing search engines, plus a whole lot of unique features that mark it out and distinguish from other PPC systems. Flexible interface of a system, is completely template-based, which makes it easy to configure design of a system in a variety of ways. Templates can be configured using embedded WYSIWYG HTML Editor. Translation of the system to language other than English can be done by a client himself, and will not take a lot of time since all the text, messages and HTML templates are not crypted. With payment gateways embedded in the system, you can easily deposit / withdraw money. There are a lot of statistics available in the system. To ensure safety of the system and block undesirable traffic, several security levels available. Among the most important and significant are protection based on countries, IP firewall, bot protection, and anti-proxy protection, adult filter. System has 4 types of advertiser programs such as classic listings, sponsored listings, ppc boxes, banners. For affiliates, there's a variety programs for embedding search results on their websites. As sources of the search results the local database can be used, third-party XML Feeds. The system can have a lot of earning schemas for affiliates. It has a unlimited level referral system. The software also contain SEK (Search Engine Kit). It is the same software with limitatation to get the results feed only from the "father software" that should be given to the affiliates who want their own "turn key" search engine web site. Nice and clean Users Management interface allows Administrator to search/delete users, see statistics on them and edit their information, in the most detailed way. Role:Coding, Development and Implementation. Skills Used:PHP, MySql, JavaScript, HTML, XML, CSS. Duration:3 months. Project size Total: 2,8 MB Code size: 950 KB Templates size: 140 KB Project # 16: PPVAD - Pay Per View System Description:PPVAD is an advertising network that connects internet publishers and advertisers with a unique advertising platform. The cutting edge adsystem technology delivers highly targeted campaigns for advertisers looking to generate brand awareness, lead generation and sales conversion ensuring maximum return on investment. Advertisers have the ability to target internet users across the network in any country or using any specific language browser and surfing any target audience category. Advertisers can create unlimited campaign groups and individual campaigns for both pseudo and full browser ad options, together with detailed account and campaign reporting. Advertiser Features: full browser pop-under and custom size pseudo pop-up ad option, create unlimited campaigns, target campaigns to any or all category, geo-target to desired country or browser language, screen ad positioning, day parting, automated recurring billing (PayPal, E-gold), real time account and campaign statistics. The affiliate can insert a few lines of code into page and automated adsystem will display ads to website. The affiliate can create as many campaigns on as many web sites as he like. All account and campaign statistics are accessible from account in real time. Advertiser Features: operate unlimited campaigns from account, guaranteed monthly payments, PayPal, E-gold, Check, Wire Transfer payments, real time account and campaign statistics, referral program. Role:Coding, Development and Implementation. Skills Used:PHP, MySql, JavaScript, HTML, CSS. Duration:1,5 months. Project sizeTotal: 2,6 MB Code size: 510 KB Templates size: 150 KB Project # 17: Upload/Download File Manager Description:I have developed web-based file-explorer. Files in this project are organized in folders which are sorted in hierarchical order. Each folder may contain as many files and subfolders as you need. The administrator can create internal users and external users. During uploading file the administrator can set Access to Internal users or external users. The same for folders. Each user, after login, can see and download files by his right. Role:Coding, Development and Implementation. Skills Used:PHP, MySql, JavaScript, HTML, CSS. Duration:0,7 month. Project sizeTotal: 690 KB Code size: 102 KB Templates size: 34 KB Project # 18: PayPerWindows - Pay Per Windows System Location:http://www.payperwindows.com Description:This new web site traffic exchange service. Participating webmasters reach an average traffic increase of visitors by 240%. The innovative and unique ad-windows show the fully advertised website. Just by adding a few lines of HTML code you will have a little Ad-Window within your web page. With payment gateways embedded in the system, you can easily deposit / withdraw money. I have developed Back-end and some parts of Front-end. It is includes Admin management, Accounts management, E-mail management. Nice and clean Users Management interface allows Administrator to search/delete users, see statistics on them and edit their information, in the most detailed way. With payment gateways embedded in the system, you can easily deposit / withdraw money. Role:Coding, Development and Implementation. Skills Used:PHP, MySql, JavaScript, HTML, CSS. Duration:1,5 months. Project sizeTotal: 1,9 MB Code size: 400 KB Templates size: 90 KB Project # 19: Airontour - tourist's firm Location:http://www.airontour.com Description:This is web based application which includes maintenance of Airontour. Here I developed entire CMS of the company and XML data feed. It includes Admin management and Accounts management system. Role:Coding, Development and Implementation.u Skills Used:PHP, MySql, JavaScript, HTML, XML, CSS. Duration:1 month. Project sizeTotal: 2,2 MB Code size: 160 KB Templates size: 40 KB Project # 20: Black Jack - online gaming Location:http://wp2.interferenza.net/blackjack Description:Content Management and Administration interface for Internet Casino gaming portals. The system allows users to join as members, where they can take part in monthly blackjack competition to win any of the prizes that are on offer. The prize fund will be a percentage of the total fees charged to members for that month. Webmasters are able to refer players or webmasters. Role:Coding, Development and Implementation. Skills Used:PHP, MySql, JavaScript, HTML, XML, CSS. Duration:1 month. Project sizeTotal: 1,5 MB Code size: 160 KB Templates size: 40 KB Project # 21: Il Narratore: audiobooks and italian literature on audio mp3 Location:http://www.ilnarratore.com Description:"Il Narratore" provides online copyrights free audiobooks via downloadable mp3s. I have implemented a function to make annual donations. A user can donate different amounts and receive 1 or more AudioCDs (depending on the donation amount) and integration with e-shop. In general I have done: front-end with a user registration procedure, a procedure to make donations and choose the consequent CDs he wants; back-end where an administrator can manage user data, donations status, CD availability, e-mail template and e-mail notification functions on several events. Role:Coding, Development and Implementation. Skills Used:PHP, MySql, JavaScript, HTML, CSS. Duration:1,5 months. Project sizeTotal: 9 MB Code size: 350 KB Templates size: 170 KB Project # 22: Sediva Location:http://www.sediva.it Description:This is web based application which includes maintenance of Sediva. Here I developed entire CMS of the company. Role:Coding, Development and Implementation. Skills Used:PHP, MySql, JavaScript, HTML, CSS. Duration:1,5 months. Project sizeTotal: 1,8 MB Code size: 310 KB Templates size: 100 KB Project # 23: The Regional Training Center Location:http://www.thertc.net Description:A dynamic and growing organization founded in 1993, the Regional Training Center's purpose is to provide exciting and relevant graduate professional development opportunities to teachers in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Maryland. The Directors of the Regional Training Center have over 60 combined years of experience organizing, disseminating and maintaining high quality academic standards for off-campus graduate coursework and degree programs. Course instructors for RTC are specially selected as exemplary K-12 teachers that are the best teachers of teachers available, ho meet all qualifications to teach at the graduate level. The RTC instructors work in school districts across the Mid-Atlantic Region. Role:Updating, Coding, Bug Fixing, Support Skills Used:PHP, MySql, JavaScript, HTML, CSS. Duration:8 month. Project sizeTotal: 85 MB Code size: 2 MB Templates size: 1,4 MB

    PHP, Data Entry, Joomla, and Social Networking

  • agiletechno Profile Picture


    Pune,  India

    Agile Technosys is a offshore web development, web design, software development and services company. Agile Technosys provides sofware development, web development, web design, custom application development, product development, Rich internet applications and design / multimedia services. With a modest team size of 225 people comprising of web designers, web developers, software developers, Agile Technosys provides quality web development services. With an excellent blend of solid business domain understanding, technical expertise multiplied by deep knowledge of latest industry trends and technical innovations - Agile Technosys provides a quality driven approach towards web development, software development and provides end-to-end customized solutions catering to the requirements.

    PHP, Javascript, Website Design, and Graphic Design

  • squirrel1 Profile Picture


    Bangalore,  India

    I am into programming for more than 6 years. I have a good hand in PHP, Mysql, .net, oracle, django, codeigniter, Ajax, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Wordpress, Iphone, C++ , HTML, JavaScript, JAVA , Flash (live IPhone streaming).

    PHP, Java, JSP, and Javascript

  • swatiwebsolution Profile Picture


    Bhopal,  India

    Swati Web Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has achieved great feat in a short span of time in the field of Web Design, Web Development, E-Commerce Development, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), SMO (Social Media Optimization), Iphone Application Development, Ipad Application Development & Android Apps Development. We have been well known for our excellent services as a premiere outsource vendor. Being an ISO Certified Company, we have been dealing with many reputed outsourcing agencies based in USA, UK, Australia and Canada along with many other countries. Our main office is located at Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh in India. We have a dedicated team of 45 professionals including Web Designers and Developers, Application Developers & SEO On Page Experts, Off Page Experts, SEO Consultants, SEO Analysts, SEO Copywriter/Content Writer. We have the right blend of fresh, as well as experienced professionals. We have highly skilled professionals having expertise in designing and developing single web page to huge e-commerce portals, we offer: -Reduced cost -Flexibility -Freedom -Assured delivery -Ease of communication -Greater control over time management. We are working on programming language like: PHP, AJAX, ASP.NET, SQL, MySQL, Magento, Ecommerce, Wordpress, Joomla, and all the current programming languages. Our Services are: Website Design and Development Custom Web Development CMS Development eCommerce Website Design and development Custom web application development WordPress Website Development Joomla Website Development osCommerce Development Android Apps Development Search Engine Optimization Social Media Optimization Link Building On Page Optimization Keywords Research and Analysis Competitive Analysis Our company tagline suggests our working ability: (Your Dreams are Our Passion).

    PHP, .NET, Website Design, and Graphic Design

  • sharifmehdia Profile Picture


    rajshahi,  Bangladesh

    PHP, Adobe Flash, Visual Basic, and Website Design

  • sajjj Profile Picture


    Rajkot,  India

    We are india based small software firm. We offer a wide range of web + mobile solutions. We assure you professional and high standard end results with 100% satisfaction. We always look for long-lasting healthy business relationships. We provide services in these fields ..... (A) DESIGN - Banner Design - Web UI/UX Design - Mobile App UI/UX Design - psd to html conversion using html5+css3 (responsive) (B) CMS & ECOMMERCE DEVELOPMENT - Store setup and theme install - Custom theme building - Plugins install and customizations - Platforms to consider are ..... magento, opencart, oscommerce - Any type of cms web design and development using wordpress framework (C) MOBILE & OTHER SERVICES - android, ios and mobile app design and development - frameworks ... phonegap, angularJS, html5, css3 (D) WHY CHOOSE US - 365/24/7 support - friendly and professional enviroment of working - money back guarantee (*) Feel free to discuss your project with us. Best Regards, Axir Design

    PHP, .NET, Website Design, and Banner Design

  • webopassion Profile Picture


    Kolkata,  India

    ================================LATEST AT FREELANCER=============================== Do you want your web sites to load fast, look appealing and convert more visitors to buyers?Or you want to run your business with the best software and IT support? We help you to Stand Out from the Crowd. ::::::::::::: KEYS TO OUR SUCCESS::::::::::::: >> Trusted by 100+ Satisfied Clients >> Serving across 10+ countries >> Over 7 years of Successful Serving >> We work 6 days a week, 10 hours a day. >> Keep up with our Commitments. Why hundreds of satisfied clients across 10+ countries decide to work with us: .............................................................. ~ 100% ORIGINAL. ~ CUSTOMIZED to your need & style. ~ Unlimited Revisions. ~ Unique & Eye-catching. ~ No Clip art or Ready made Template! ~ Competitive Price! ~ 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! ~ Customer focus & Teamwork. ~ Faster Turnaround! ~ Flexible Payment Terms! ~ Confidentiality & Reliability! :: Confidentiality Confidentiality of all projects is guaranteed. We are open to sign an NDA or Confidentiality Agreement with the client. OUR SERVICE AREAS: .................................................................... - Customized software and application Development - Website packages (Basic, premium,Grand) - Website Design & Development - Shopping Cart & E-commerce Website - Content Management System (CMS) - Payment Gateway Integration - E-Cards, Flash & GIF animation - Drawing & Illustrations - Flash Animation & Intro - Banner, Emailer and Newsletter - Postcard, Brochure and Flyer - Photo Editing & Retouching - Keyboarding, Scanning & OCR - Data entry in Access & Excel - SEO Implementation and packages. >> Prompt Service & Customer Care >> Uninterrupted Communication >> Competitive Price & Value for Money. >> Guaranteed Personalized Attention. We are new in freelancer.com.We have come here with the mission of delivering our best services to the clients searching for service providers .It will be a pleasure for us to be with you and serve your purposes at the best.

    PHP, ASP, Java, and .NET

  • rockerstech Profile Picture


    Woburn,  United States

    In our 7 years of experience in web based applications and software development, we have done plenty of websites related to E-Commerce, Real Estate, RICH applications, AJAX applications, Social Networking websites, Community based websites and so on. We have lot of experience in Server management, Database management, Website maintenance, Reporting Tools. We have experts specializing in PHP clone script. We have major clone like Taskrabbit clone , airtasker clone , kickstarter clone , eventbrite clone. All demo available on request We seek only accomplished and experienced technical professionals dedicated to providing the best possible solutions for our clients. We apply new thinking and ideas to create more simple, valuable and trusted experiences with technology, continuously improving the way we interact with each of our customers. Our Services 1. Advanced Web Development ----Web Design and Integration ----Website Re-designing ----Website Maintenance and Enhancement ----Web 2.0 & Rapid application Developments ----PSD to XHTML 2. Web Application Solutions ---- Content Management System (CMS) ---- Social Networking System ---- E-Commerce solutions ---- Payment Gateway Integration ---- Portal Development 3. Open Source Software Customization ---- Joomla ---- WordPress ---- Expression Engine ---- Virtuemart ---- Oscommerce ---- CRELoaded ---- Zencart ---- Cubecart ---- Magento ---- X-Cart ---- OpenCart ---- phpFoX ---- MODx ---- SocialEngine ---- PrestaShop ---- Jamroom ---- Pligg ---- PHPmotion ---- Noah's Classified ---- OxyClassifieds ---- SugarCRM ---- phpMyDirectory ---- phpLinkBid ---- PHPProBid ---- Clipshare 5. API Integration ---- Facebook Application ---- Twitter ---- Google Maps ---- Flickr ---- Amazon API ---- Yahoo API ---- Youtupe API ---- ezine Articles ---- Box.net API 4. Internet Marketing ---- Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ---- Keyword, competitor and market analysis ---- Onsite Optimisation ---- Link Building ---- Reporting and monitoring ---- Email Marketing ---- Banner Advertisement 5. Graphic & Logo Designs 6. Flash Design & Action script Technical Expertise: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Flash, PHP, MySQL, SOAP, CakePHP, , Zend Framework, Smarty,patTemplate, AJAX, Ext JS, Key Factors * Support: 24 hours * Working hours per month: 160 + * Solutions: Best fit to your requirements * Billing: Project wise/Bi-weekly / Monthly basis * Setup: Absolutely free without any hidden cost * Perfection test: Can hire for 40 hours test drive * Communication: Constant through email, yahoo, msn, Gtalk * Project Management * Task Management * Reporting: Daily reports as per we workout for you * Source Code Authorization: It will Owned by you * Reseller Rights: You have rights to resell to any 3rd party * Control: Fully controlled by you, as per your need. HIRE A DEDICATED PHP PROGRAMMER To achieve an ultimate goal of success in your esteemed online business and to meet all the objectives if you need to develop PHP based applications, then we offer a trained, experienced and highly dedicated PHP developer. PHP developer will be able in developing custom, dynamic, database-driven website for your online business. He will be master in offering content management system (CMS), collaborative networking systems, shopping carts, portals and most important online business application development. Following are few advantages of hiring PHP Programmers from us * Disciplined timings of hiring for the maximum benefit of the client such as 8 Hours Day, 5 Days a Week- Monday to Friday and Holidays will be Saturday, Sunday and Indian National/Regional Holidays. * No start up or maintenance costs or taxes. * Stay connected with email and instant messengers. 24hrs support to help our offshore client as we have scheduled our working hours in shifts. * Cost of hiring any web developer is much lower than assigning the whole project to any web development company or arranging permanent employee in your company, Inquire Now. * We offer our clients facility of owning all source code rights as well as third party selling rights of codes without any obligation from our side Guarantees for Hired PHP Programmers by us * Timely communication * Daily & weekly working reports * Disciplined time of delivery * High Bandwidth Internet connection HIRE OPEN SOURCE DEVELOPERS A series of open source products are serving the web developing industry and each of the technology has its importance with their different features. Online & offline businessmen can Hire open source dedicated developer for any open source technology to develop web applications according to their business needs. According to our Improved Approach of Business our each dedicated open source developer specialized in his/her respective open source technology constantly improving technical skills to deliver best services. We offer improved services as mentioned above (Open Source Software Customization) such as No fees for acquirement & maintenance, Economic hosting costs, Easy installation plus maintenance and Increased saving range on each technology also, which depends on complexity of customization. We provide dedicated open source developer for each open source products. HIRE DEDICATED WEB DESIGNERS For the best presentation of business website on the web it needs to be developed under expertise of professional web designers. Web page must be quick to load and attractive to watch and to get the best combination hire professional web designer - hire dedicated web designer is the easiest way on the earth. Designing of the web page includes primarily the right combination technology and creative skills of the talented web designer with other designing essentials. Appropriate measurement of colors, a good layout, easy navigation for the execution, standard size of the page for multiple resolution as well as suitable integrations makes the designing attractive to view. Hire web designer from us, which will be responsible to offer: * Creative designing skills well coordinated with strong HTML knowledge * Appropriate usage of CSS * Hired designer possesses ability to incorporate pre-written JavaScript into web pages * For the quality graphical user interface (GUI) design utilizing HTML/XHTML/CSS * Skills of designing the layout of email facility for newsletters * Web graphic designing * Logo designing * Template designing * Banner designing * Usage of flash technology appropriately * Well coordination with developers HIRE DEDICATED WEB DEVELOPERS A dedicated hired web developer can do everything in the web development according to his proficiency in particular technology. He will be open to offer his web development services to be utilized by you in your customized way. We give you Liberty of Choice Approach to select any web developer according to your company demand. Hire is the advanced approach in the web development. Hire web developers from companies which are specially established to provide hiring facilities. This not only saves money but also provides you customized services in website development. Some Hiring Dynamics: * Specially hired web developer works only for your company * Makes you free from in-house permanent employee troubles * Saves money upto 60% in comparison of other models of web development * Helps to complete projects on time * Meet your future business demands in advance Hiring web developer is the economic approach of getting work done easily for the online business presentation according to your needs. Other Major works --------------------------------------------- We have done lot of skilled things with Image using GD and different kinds of thumbnail making tools, cropping tools, watermark etc. Also have done customized home page for major websites using different kinds of API, RSS, Gadgets, Web widgets etc. Also worked in Local based data, and distance based showing data, localization, multi-lingual concepts etc.,

    PHP, Javascript, Cold Fusion, and .NET

  • anshexim Profile Picture


    Brampton,  Canada

    PHP, .NET, Website Design, and Graphic Design

  • atifanwar1 Profile Picture


    karachi,  Pakistan

    I am a developer and provide these services Php Development, wordpress Development, Wordpress plugin development, wordpress plugin modification, web scrapping, code ignitier, opent cart, custom shopping cart.

    PHP, ASP, Javascript, and .NET