QA Test Our Windows Software


We have a new software product for Windows and we need you to test it on 100 different Windows machines, with different hardware and different third-party software installed.

You will need to run the product on at least: 25 x Windows XP; 10 x Windows Vista; 40 x Windows 7; 15 x Windows 8; 10 x Windows 8.1; all with different hardware & 3rd party products installed - i.e. not just clones! There can be some duplication (i.e. the same hardware used with different software installed or different windows version), but each test environment must be unique in some way (i.e. different combination of hardware, software & Windows version) - no machine can be exactly the same as another. Also *every* product from the [url removed, login to view] Top 100 list ([url removed, login to view];pop) must have been installed at least *5 times* in different configurations with a *minimum* of 5 third-party products installed and a *maximum* of 10 per configuration.

The steps for testing will be launch a unique configuration (hardware + windows version + installed software), ensure between at least 5-10 third-party apps ([url removed, login to view];pop) are installed, go to our website, download and install our software, allow it to perform it's installation scan/update, reboot the machine, launch the product (if it doesn't launch automatically), allow it to complete it's scan/update again, click 'My Apps' (take a screenshot), and close the product. Internet access is required on every PC for this to complete!

If you find a consistent bug/crash that does not allow this entire process to complete successfully, you are to pause the testing until we are able to provide you an update so that these steps can be completed. i.e. telling us all the machines crashed at the same point is not an acceptable outcome. You will be required to provide reasonable assistance in isolating any bugs found, for example by supplying crash dumps & running testing versions, until the problem is resolved.

You are to provide a spreadsheet, including for each PC tested at least: IP Address, Hardware Config (Manufacturer, Model, RAM, CPU, Video), Windows Version, Any Errors including all steps required to recreate & a screenshot of the "My Apps" screen (mentioned above).

** We will start with 10 machines to make sure the process is correct and the results provided by you are as expected, before continuing to the remaining 90 machines (but the bid amount if for all 100 machines). **

Please note all this information (and more) will be logged to the server as well so the project must be completed as defined as will be able to see any machines not conforming to these requirements and they won't count!

Skills: Microsoft, Testing / QA, Usability Testing, Windows Desktop

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