WMI-Microsoft Management Console


We have an enterprise product which connects to client pcs on the network using sockets. This program has a server console using which it can get client status etc. But this console would only work on the pc it is installed and all the cliient pcs are installed from here and they see thi sc as a server and get updates/provide logs etc to this server./ So this application can not be moved around. I need to develop mmc application which can connect to this server console to this port (wherever it is installed) and do everything that this application can (logs, send commands to the clients etc.) [please review

[url removed, login to view]][1] .Advantage is that you should be able to install mmc on any pc in th enetwork and do the same things that the server console can. This increases flxibility on the admin so that he can go to any floor in the organization and maintain/manage /view all the clients details and is not limited to going back to this server console to manage.

Skills: Windows Desktop

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