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448413 Need a complete Buddypress Wordpress site built

I am looking for an expert in Buddypress (the Wordpress project) to build a complete theme, including all plugins and an unbelievable design. If you are a mediocre designer, please, do not apply. I am interested in someone who has some experience with Buddypress. If you do not know what I am talking about, this is not for you.

I am building a coupon website with social network components. I am looking for soft colors, like Mint(dot)com. I prefer green. I am only looking for the highest quality. I am looking for excellent design - gradients, etc.. Anything less will be unacceptable. So, if you are still reading and you fit this description, please, read further.

No doubt, this will be a programming challenge, as well. I am going to be as descriptive as I can possibly be here. If I get questions that evidence that you have not read this, I will not accept you, based on that. Attention to detail will be absolutely critical in this project. That's why I expect it from the outset. If you do have questions otherwise, please, do not hesitate to ask them.


This will be a site where users can look for coupons and post coupons. There will be a number of store pages (where coupons are displayed for particular stores). Users will be able to post coupons to a page for each store. Then, others will be able to click on the coupon links and go to a merchant's website. That's the simple part. Now for the features....

I am looking for a tremendous designer who can do the following and incorporate the following features:

* Install Wordpress MU/Buddypress

* Development of a complete look, logo, etc.. I am looking for something very Web 2.0 with a soft look and soft colors. Think Mint(dot)com or dealsnear(dot)me. If you are not an expert at creating this look, please, do not apply. Because, until I see exactly what I want, I will not accept it. I am looking for something-notch and highly professional.

* Integration with Facebook Connect

* Integration with Open ID

* Ability to search for stores and coupons in those stores.

* As I mentioned, there will be social network component. Each member will have a page where the coupons that they have posted will be displayed - along with some biographical information if they want to post it. Again, generic design on any part of this site will not be accepted. I am looking for first-rate design. I am looking for the best work you have ever done.

* Store pages (where coupons & deals are displayed)

o Active offers displayed (determined by up and down vote). See similar functionality on [url removed, login to view] and their store pages. This will require plugin development so that users can select whether a particular offer is working or not and percentages of how often the coupon is accepted will need to be displayed.

o Ordered by sales (if any). The order of the offers (coupons & deals for each store) will be determined (1) by whether the offer is active and functioning and (2) how many sales are in place. To do so, tracking will be critical. So, when someone posts a coupon or deal to the site, the site admin will review the deal. Then, once the review is complete, the admin will approve and the offer will go live. The visitor will have to choose whether the offer is a (1) deal or a (2) coupon. If it is a deal, there will need to be a description of the deal and a link. If it is a coupon, there will need to be a coupon, a description, and the url will populate, depending on the default link to that store (a special affiliate link). Note, coupons automatically post. Deals require admin approval.

o All coupons will post a default affiliate url to that particular company. Deals will be handled in a different way - as previously mentioned. They will be posted and will require approval. On the backend, I will enter the affiliate url for those deals. Once someone has a deal or coupon approved, that will automatically trigger an email to them.

o Elimination of redundancy. The order at which the coupons and deals are entered will be critical. Each time someone enters a new coupon or deal, the site will query the database to determine if there is a redundant (1) coupon code or (2) if it is a deal, a redundant ur. If it is redundant, the entry will not be allowed.

o Additional functions (per offer)

+ Flag a “copy cat” offer. If someone enters a coupon code that is already on the site, a script needs to be developed to query the database to determine the redundancy and eliminate the 2nd entry of that code. However, in the event that fails, there needs to be an option to flag the copy cat offer (or the redundancy) and eliminate it. When someone hits this button, an email will be sent out to me to notify me of the redundancy so I can delete that post.

+ Social Media (Tweet it/FB it). There needs to be an option to integrate with Twitter and Facebook. So, ... an option to Tweet the offer or place it on Facebook. Therefore, in the setting up of the profile, each user will be allowed to enter their Facebook or Twitter data so it can be Facebooked or Tweeted.

+ Report failed coupon. Some coupons may not work. There needs to be an option to report a failed coupon - in the event that it does not work. And, a plugin needs to be in place to track the percentange of the time that the coupon worked.

+ % of the time it worked - Track the percentage of the time that it works. If it doesn't work, it goes down lower on the page. To see this functionality in action, look at


o Sidebar


+ Offers in relevant stores. I want to present offers in the sidebar that are relevant (category-wise) to the offers on each store page.

o Tracking and payments

+ Tracking will be critical for this site. A system of tracking will need to be in place so that I can enter an affiliate url in the backend and it will transform that affiliate link into a “clean url”. When I say clean url, I am talking about something like “[url removed, login to view]”. This will - no doubt - be the most challenging part. The tracking part will be critical, and this will need to be an automated process. Getting affiliates transferred into clean links is very important to this project. The clean links will need to 301 re-direct to the affiliate links. Then, there will need to be an integration with the Commission Junction, Linkshare, and Shareasale APIs to determine how many sales were credited through clicks on each link. This may involve some integration with the APIs for these companies. Once again, this is a must.

o Paypal integration

+ There will need to be a place for a user to enter their paypal information in order to receive payment.

o Coupon functionality so that the visitor cannot see the coupon until they click a link and a box pops up... but also pops the page of the clean link.

* Forums for community members.

Skills: Anything Goes, Website Management, WordPress

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