Affiliate Manager

We require someone that has experience with Affiliate Management.

Here is what our company does:

1. We promote other companies products/services to our clients.

2. The companies we promote give us an affiliate url link to their website

3. Then we tell our clients about their products/services.

4. If our client like that companies product/service and purchases product/service, our company gets a commission on that sale.

Some Affiliate companies will need to be set up, and some are already set up. You must be able to handle both accordingly.

You will need to manage all of the commissions/credits coming in for each company, ensuring the that all sales are being received and converted into CASH DOLLARS and then transferred into our Business Checking Account.

You need to produce a report every week showing the total sales for each affiliate company. This information needs to always be accurate at all times.


1. An Affiliate Company online report shows that 7 of our clients signed up today with their product/service. However, when you check this report against the clients of ours that told us that they signed up, you find that 11 of our clients signed up today with that Affiliate Company’s product/service.

a. SO you must then contact the Affiliate Company and have them fix the error so that our company received commission for all 11 people.

2. An Affiliate Company online report shows that 187 of our clients signed up last month with their product/service. The commission check comes in for $561.00. Our company is supposed to receive $10.00 for each person that signs up. So if 187 of our clients signed up last month, at $10.00 per person, the commission check should be $1,870.00.

a. SO you must then contact the Affiliate Company and report the error and have it fixed so that they send us the commission check for the total $1,870.00, a $1,309.00 difference.

Each Affiliate Company pays differently, so you will need to keep track of each one:

1. Some Affiliate Companies pay a Flat Fee Set Amount.

a. For Example: $10.00 per person.

2. Some Affiliate Companies pay percentage-based %:

a. For Example: 40% per sale.

You will need to have a contact name, number, and email address of someone at each Affiliate company in case you need to contact them about any errors to fix.

This is a very long-term on-going project. Expect 3+ years if you do well.

Expect approximately 5 hours per week.

Since getafreelancer has gone up on their minimum bid prices, we request you bid a monthly flat-rate fee. For example: $[url removed, login to view] month to do the services requested.

Your bid should be for 1 month of services based on 5 hours per week.

We will rehire you every month that you have done a good job for us. This will greatly increase your feedback scores on [url removed, login to view]

Now this position I want you to make sure that you know it is very "investigative" more than anything. In other words, don't believe anything you see. Question everything, and make sure you know about how each company operates.

What I mean by this is, I have a vast database of clients, people I sell other peoples/companies products to. Each company's products/services that I market for them to my clients, operates differently as far as "Pay-Structure", and their reporting methods can EASILY & OFTEN be not reporting correctly.

For example, as I mentioned in the original RFP, if 1 of the Affiliate Companies says that 7 of my clients purchased products/services from them in 1 day, however it was really 11 in speaking directly to my clients, then obviously the affiliate company is inaccurate of reporting the missing 4 people.....just for the 1 day.

Alot of times it is much more complex then that if not managed daily for all Affiliate Companies. If there are 30 different affiliate companies, for example, and 24 of them report inaccuracies, that you verify against investigating on your own, if you miss 1 day, trying to go back the next day along with managing that current day can be a nightmare to find & fix all the errors.

Also, 1 Affiliate Company might pay 40% of each sale, while another Affiliate Company might pay $10.00 per person, and another Affiliate company might pay in Credits to purchase products/services from their company. Each Affiliate Company pays differently, and you must know about each Affiliate Company and how they pay, so you know how to accurately gauge if their reports are correct.

Also, almost ALWAYS, even if they report correctly, they will NOT PAY if you don't ASK for the money to be transfered into our accounts EACH MONTH. They simply don't care & don't pay attention to it. They would rather hold on to our money, then pay us, so I will need you to make sure that each Affiliate Company is actually PAYING us transferring the CASH MONIES into my business checking account every month.

I hope this makes sense. If managed well each day, this is a very simple position, if it gets behind, it can get catastrophic.

Sure. I don't mind what method you use to track, analyze, and manage daily all 34 of the Affiliate Companies.

Some companies have an online reporting system that you can access at any time to look at what they are reporting for number of sales each day/week/month. You can use this information to verify against what is actually true by requesting from either me or my clients directly.

Some companies do not have any reporting system, so you will also have to verify with our clients if they have purchased, which I can teach you. Very simple.

Everything is online and all communication is via email.

You would actually have 2 roles. 1 role would be Client Representative for my clients. You would make sure my clients receive all information and anything that they need so they are happy with their purchase. Since you do this, you will ALSO then know IF they purchase, so you can add how many people Actually True, against what Affiliate Company's online report shows.

If you go my MAIN website [url removed, login to view] you'll see the website is not quite LIVE yet. So we are trying to get the website finished. On the "Resources", "Jet-Set Lifestyle", & "What's Hot" pages are where the "Endorsed Marketing" for other companies will be.

I do not currently have a "System", however I will need help creating one. I will do my best to give you all the details I have, and it should be sufficient for what you need to finalize a formal automated replicable system so that we can easily track, manage, analyze, and continuously add more Affiliate Companies to endorse/sell their products/services.

I do not know off the top of my head, how many Affiliate Companies there currently are, and also how many there will be (should be) total. I only have MOST of the Affiliate Companies set up for the "Resources Page". I do not have ANY affiliate Companies set up yet for the "Jet-Set Lifestyle", and "What's Hot" pages. So I might need help finding BEST/Highest Quality companies to endorse their products/services.

Yes, as far as finding Affiliate Companies for the "Jet-Set Lifestyle" & "What's Hot" categories, we need to find something like for example:

On the "Hotels" category, we would simply find the MOST ELITE/PRESTIGIOUS hotels & connect people with them. Since the #1 website for this is

"The Leading Hotels of the World" website at: [url removed, login to view]

We would then try to work out a deal with them where I make a commission for each of their hotels that my members sign up for reservations. We would first categorize the hotels on my site by cities around the world in accordance with their site. Pulling 100% of the hotel locations directly from their site onto ours.

Same example would apply to the "Theaters" category. We would find a website that has the BEST/MOST PRESTIGIOUS theaters around (at least) the USA, or most likely around the world (if we can find a site that has this info).

We would then apply the same formula for setting up Agreements with each theater so that when our clients/members purchase tickets at one of their theaters, we would make a commission on it.

We would also apply this to all the other categories on the "Jet-Set Lifestyle" & "What's Hot" pages.

Skills: Accounting, Buyer Sourcing, Management, Supplier Sourcing, Web Search

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