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vTiger Custom Modules

We're a real estate brokerage and we use vTiger to keep track of our listings and sales, agent commissions, company income, sales reports, etc.

Our existing vTiger CRM needs some custom modules created / added.

Specifically, what we need is this:

- Create a "Payouts" custom module that does the following:

1) writes cheques to our Agents and other real estate companies (create .pdf with cheque information laid out in a way so the .pdf can be printed on a cheque with all formatting correct)

2) track commissions received by our company, paid to each of our Agents & paid to other real estate companies

3) track taxes received by our company, paid to each of our Agents & paid to other real estate companies

4) receipt deposits made to our General and Commission Trust bank accounts

5) have the ability to deduct from the Agents cheque any amounts owing to our company through their expense / commission advance accounts (and crediting the payment back to their expense / commission advance account)

** All commission amounts, taxes, payees, etc required for the above calculations will come directly from our existing "Sales" module. All payroll information, etc will come from our existing "Agents" module. Agent expenses will come from a newly created "Expenses" module.

- Create an "Expenses" Module that allows us to charge expenses / payments against an Agents expense account:

1) Each month an admin will go to a page that lists all current Agents by name. Beside the agent's name is a series of columns that show the name of the reoccurring monthly expense, amount owing, and taxes on the amount owing that the agent is required to pay us each month. By pressing a button, the admin can then "post" the expenses against all agent's expense accounts at once (or over-ride an amount so a specific agent doesn't get charged that month or gets charged a different amount). Following double entry accounting principals, the amount posted against the Agent's account would be credited as company income.

2) Give us the opportunity to charge an agent an expense that is not reoccurring (purchase of signs, etc)

3) Give us an opportunity to post a "payment" to the Agents account

4) Allow for a payment to be credited to the Agents account through the "Payments" module that you will create

5) Allow us to reverse an entry

6) Maintain a ledger of all charges and payments to an individual Agent's expense account in two columns (debits and credits) by date and a running total of all amounts owing to the company (plus taxes owing calculated separately).

** The list of fees, the amount owing and taxes will come from the existing "Agents" module. The corrosponding company income categories would come from the existing "Companies" module.

- Create a "Conveyancing" Module that allows us to print form letters with sales information to lawyers / escrow companies / other real estate brokerages

1) taking information directly from the "Sales" module, we need to populate data into form letters (there will typically be 3 letters per sale to 3 different people). The letters should be viewable / saveable as a .pdf. If the recipient has an email address on their profile the letter should be emailed directly through the CRM (once approved by the admin) - recording the date and time the letter was sent. If the recipient does not have an email, can we fax directly through the CRM? If so, the system should record the date and time of the fax. Otherwise, we can fax the .pdf manually and we will need a way to mark the time and date that the form was faxed.

2) The system will automatically determine whether the letters are ready to be sent based on information in the "Sales" Module. On the dashboard, the user should be able to see a list of sales that are ready to convey.

- Create a dashboard that allows agents to see a list of their own active listings / sales, list of missing documents (from Sales module), YTD commissions, taxes & expenses. Admins can see all.

Skills: Accounting, vTiger, WordPress

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