Actor needed in NYC

We are shooting a short 30-45 second branding video for a local business. There will be no script in the commercial. We will have a voice-over actor. This is a fun / funny video about the importance of a new smile and how it affects confidence.

We are not hiring the voice actor currently. We hiring the actor to be in the video.


Age 30-50


under 5´7¨

balding is a plus

nice teeth and smile (essential)

WORKING TITLE: “The (Exaggerated) Benefits of a Confident Smile” or “Smiling Too Confidently” commercial.

CONCEPT: Essentially, this ad concept is playing off of ideas like the Budweiser ad below (or the series of Snickers, “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry,” ads).

We want to show a person doing an exaggerated — notably, a funny / silly / goofy — behavior but being unbothered by it simply because their smile is so confident and beautiful. The emotional effect should be partially sincere; after all, we want people to desire a better smile and get treatment to improve their confidence. But we’ll be lightly poking fun at people who are a bit too confident, too.

Overall, I’m envisioning that the person with the confident smile won’t engage in anything too unseemly (nothing implied as violent (like the Budweiser ad) or sexual); we want to focus on smaller, everyday / more relatable behaviors.


Open with a shot of a man walking down the street. His appearance is one that would make you smile. He is short, overweight and perhaps bald. He is wearing a Hawaiian shirt with baggy jeans.

Cut to shot of model #1. This is a beautiful woman. She is doing something routine. Walking her dog, going for a run, shopping etc..

Man sees the woman and decides to approach. It is clear she is out of his league, but he approaches anyway. The woman looks at the man and makes a face that indicates she is a little surprised / bothered that he would approach her. Woman blows the man off and walks away. Man is unbothered. He smiles, shrugs his shoulders and walks away.

Intro NARRATOR with PART #1 to script.

Transition to another shot of another beautiful woman. This time she is waiting for a light to change so she can cross the street.

Shot of man walking up to a woman and attempting to introduce himself. The woman gives him one look and immediately walks away. Again, man is unbothered. He wishes her a nice day as she walks away and moves on with his day.


Transition to the shot of another beautiful woman. This time she is sitting at an outdoor cafe, by herself. The man walks past, notices her and stops to strike up a conversation. He asks her (with physical gestures) if he can have a seat and join her. You see the woman being kind and polite, but obviously refusing to allow him to sit with her. Man listens, waves and walks away.

Final shot. Beautiful woman #4 is walking down the street walking her dog. We see a shot of her and a shot of the man. Man stops to pet the dog and strikes up a conversation with the woman. Woman smiles back and begins talking with the man. Man gestures to her as if he is asking her whether she would like to go for a walk and she says yes. They walk together down the sidewalk.

As they begin walking down the sidewalk, NARRATOR finishes PART 2.

Shot fades away from them walking down the sidewalk and text appears on the screen.

Skills: Acting, Commercials

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