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In Progress Paid on delivery

Project Description:

I'm looking for an experienced freelance mobile app developer to create a simple, intuitive timesheet application designed for both iOS and Android platforms. This app is intended for private use, to manage and track the working hours of employees, starting with a single driver. The app must support real-time clock-ins and clock-outs, calculate pay based on variable hourly rates, and include a guaranteed minimum monthly salary feature.

Core Features:

- Real-Time Time Tracking: Employees can clock in and out with a single tap, using real-time data. No manual entry for timing should be required.

- Rate Calculation & Flexibility: Ability to assign different hourly rates for different times of the day and adjust these rates as needed.

- Minimum Salary Guarantee: The app should ensure a minimum monthly salary of $250, adjusting the actual worked hours' pay accordingly.

- Monthly Reporting: Generate detailed reports showing hours worked, pay rate distribution, total pay, and comparison against the minimum salary guarantee.

- Multi-Account Support: The app must allow for different employer-employee accounts. For example, one employer can link multiple employees, and there should be the potential for multiple, separate employer accounts (e.g., my account and my brother's account), each with their own linked employee(s).


- Proficient in cross-platform app development (e.g., Flutter, React Native) to ensure seamless functionality on both iOS and Android.

- Skilled in UI/UX design to create an easy-to-use interface for all users.

- Experience with database management for secure data storage and retrieval.

- Ability to implement custom logic for time tracking, rate calculation, and reporting.

- Previous work on similar projects is highly desirable, demonstrated through a portfolio.


- Collaborate on refining app functionalities and interface design.

- Develop the application according to the specified requirements, with an emphasis on simplicity and user-friendliness.

- Conduct thorough testing across different devices to ensure reliability and ease of use.

- Provide source code and ensure the client retains ownership for future modifications.

- Offer initial post-launch support for any necessary adjustments or fixes.

Project Submission:

Interested candidates should submit a proposal outlining their approach to the project, any similar projects completed, and an estimated timeline and budget. Proposals should also include a portfolio of previous work, especially any projects involving timesheet or payroll applications.

Intellectual Property:

The successful candidate will agree to transfer all rights, titles, and interest in the developed software to the client upon project completion. The client will retain the right to modify, update, or commercially use the app in the future.

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