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Hi I need someone to code these 4 small projects in Visual Basic, ONly Visual basic and nothing else mixed with it , such as asap, etc. Just Visual Basic. Also please code it the simplest way you can , nothing complicated..Thanks!!Plus I will also leave excellent feedback as always and I will pay immediately so the sooner the better thanks!!!!!!!! here's all the info. 1st program this program should be done using looping.. The world population reached 6 billion people in 1999 and was growing at the rate of 1.4 perdent each year. Assuming that the population will continue to grow at the same rate, write a program to determine when the population will exceed(go over) 10 billion. program # 2 **This program should be also done in looping*** Savings account $15,000 is deposited into a savings account paying 5 percent interest and $1000 is withdrawn from the account at the end of each year. Approximately how many years are required for the savings account to be depleted? (Note: if at the end of a certain year the balance is $1000 or less, then the final withdrawal will consist of that balance and the account will be depleted.) program #3 Suppose the file [url removed, login to view] contains information on the sales during the past week at a new car dealership. Assume the file begins as shown in the exampe given EX:A.. The file contains the following for each salesperson at the dealership: the name of the salesperson, pairs of numbers giving the final sales price and the dealer cost for each sale made by that salesperson, and a pair of zeros to indicate the end of datda for that salesperson. Write a program to display the name of each salesperson and the commission earned for the week. Assume the commission is 15% of the profit on each sale. Ex: A (Sales data file for this program #3) "Tom Jones" 18100, 17655 22395, 21885 15520, 14895 0,0 "Bill Smith" 16725, 16080 . . . ***************Program #4**************************************** This program should be written using cases Table A contains seven proverbs and their truth values. Write a program that presents these proverbs one at a time and asks the user to evaluate them as true or false. The program should then tell the user how many questions were answered correctly and display one of the following evaluations: PErfect (all correct) , Excellent(5 or 6), you might consider taking psychology 101(less than 5 correct). Table A (the info for this program) Proverb Truth Value The squeaky wheel gets the grease. True Cry and you cry alone. True Opposites attract. False Spare the rod and spoil the child. False Actions speak louder than words. True Familiarity breeds contempt. False Marry in haste, repent a leisure. True

Skills: Anything Goes, ASP

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I can do all the 4 programmes in simple language and purely in vb. U can contact me for details

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