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SMS Application 4

This project is not for a solo programmer, only development teams considered as I am looking to set up long term partnerships with on going development.

I need a fully featured SMS application. I have a program you can clone should you wish. The list of features are below.

1. SMS system must have a MS SQL backend. All outbound and inbound messages should be stored for future analysis with time stamp for evidence.

2. Appointment data will be populated into sql db from a separate sql db. I will identify the

3. I would prefer a .net solution.

4. There should be a feature to limit the number of sms the tenants receives in a week.

5. There should be several categories of recipients, tenants, staff, home buyers etc. each will have a different limit to how much sms they can receive in 1 week.

6. I require many built in groups or distribution lists.

7. Should be able to import distribution lists from excel, outlook and odbc.

8. Ability to have many standard saved message's.

9. SMS will be sent via third party sms provider of my choice. There should be integration of 3 providers in case one should be having a problem. Should be able to switch between providers.

10. All settings must be configurable.

Using the system:

11. I am expecting we setup some key services. The system should be server based. There should be a way for some users to post a request. i.e. send message x to a given distribution list without working directly on the server. Users send email to a mailbox which this sms program will turn into a sms and send.

12. Need a way to import contacts from external list such as excel and outlook.

Out bound sms

There will be many daily db extracts that pull different appointment info into separate tables. There should be an option to configure a different action to apple to each table. I am referring to a rules [url removed, login to view] rule should run on a timely basis (scheduled job) and apply any of the actions or combinations od actions below to any of the tables.

Auto trigger events:

13. Send sms to tenant informing them of repairs.

14. Send sms to tenant informing them of a gas service booking.

15. Send appointment reminders for ASB meetings

16. Send sms to tenant informing of a cancellation. (if using live data then a new sms will be sent when new appointment booked).

17. Allow tenant to cancel the the booking and rearrange. (trigger an email to inform customer services informing them of cancellation). This should be an option.

18. I want to be able to build our own rules as we think them up. A little like a query.

Manual trigger:

19. Send sms to single person or to distribution list. either from a new message or a predefined saved message.

Inbound sms

With inbound sms. The sms will be received via a mailbox. I want a inbound rules engine that can process these messages an apply any of the following rules. I want to be able to take an inbound sms and generate a sms,email or some other event.

20. Repairs & gas service appointment reminder. Set up a trigger for 3 or 2 or 1 automated SMS message and sent automated texts 3 days…1 day…1 hour… before the appointment. “Dear name you have an appointment at hh:hh on ddmmyyyy can you still attend this appointment, please reply A1 for YES or A2 for NO, thank you Housing Repairs” . If the tenant replies on 3 occasions with A1 the system takes no action, if the tenant replies with A2 the system automatically generates an event, which may be to get the call centre to re arrange.

21. Setup codes that once received the system will send a specific sms to a specific distribution list. e.g. inbound SOS12345 then send message 3 to everyone in distribution list SOS. This is only an example and we should be able to build rules or events like this.

22. send sms to tenant of the rent account (amount), this must be verified against the tenants mobi number and password and the words RENT in the sms.

23. Tenants should be able to report trouble by typing ASB and a brief message. this should be forwarded onto an email address.

24. Tenants should be able to send in sms with word HELP and system should forward it on via email.

25. The system should be cable of having inbound number matching and possibility of generating a trigger even like forward as email or send sms.

26. Staff should be able to text in a key word (HELP) and an email trigger to be generated.

27. Tenants should be able to request brochures on property via text.

28. Text to email: if certain text in sms then generate email and send to an email address.


29. The system should be able to send out simple feedback survey and collect the results.

30. The results should be viewable from the program or ideally from a web address.

31. There should be an option to email an negative results to an email address.


32. System should have build in stats like, number of messages sent per day,month etc.

33. Also inbound stats.

Client front end.

I need a separate client front end that user users can use to send basic sms and upload a list of sms from an excel file (web client).

The above list is not complete and should only be used as an indication of what the requirements are.

Skills: .NET, ASP, C Programming, Java, Visual Basic

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