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You are bidding on all of the following projects. You can also make a bid and select the the projects from below

that the bid is for. Please don't bid on one project.> We are interested in

companies or teams that can help us complete our overhaul.

VERY IMPORTANT: You will not need to create a registration page for any of these

scripts as they will be a part of our current site.> The only customization

in regard to the membership would be integrating these new scripts with our

current login> so users can use the same user name and password for the

entire site.> We have actually done this integration over 10 times so it

should be a breeze and our lead coder will give you the guidelines and all the

assistance you need.

VERY IMPORTANT: we already have our own

new template that we plan on adding to the site in> few days time.>

You will be using this template of ours.> You will not have to worry about

the design of the script(s).> You should focus on the barebones of each

script not the template design .> You can add some images of your own while

creating it to help you visualize certain thing but you will not be working on

design or templates at all. All you have to worry about is the script.

*** Live Audition ***

We need a live audition module where casting directors and production companies

(that are registered members) can conduct live auditions. The structure will

actually be very similar to a chat script. On the front page of the modules the casting director

(hosting the auditions) should be able to select a pre defined casting room (by

name) from a drop down menu (i.e. dance, actors etc.) or be able to create and

name their own. They will then enter their personal live audition room. All the

member that have joined the room to audition will be listed on the right side of

the room (in descending order just as they would be in a chat room). Once the

members are in the room they will be able to upload media files for the auditions

for the casting director to view while they are on the side waiting or to show the casting director

once they have been selected to audition. The casting director will know if the member on the right waiting to audition

has uploaded media files or has an audio/video connection because there will be icons representing

uploaded media files or a video or audio connection right next to their username on the right hand panel. Now, the casting director can select (by clicking or double clicking on their username) a member on the

right hand panel to audition at any time. If a member has a live video connection

(they will have the live video icon next their username) the casting director will

click on the video icon next to their usersname and their live video feed would appear on the left side of the audition room. If it is a

member has a live audio connection the casting director can click on the audio

icon next to their username and they will be able to audition via live audio feed.

If a member has no audio or video connection or a casting director wants to chat

with a member auditioning even though they have an audio/video connection they

can click the username and chat with them as if they where chatting in a regular

chat room. They would text chat right in the middle of the audition page. Their are a couple of more much

details that we would like to add to this module. Nothing complicated.> We

just cant go into all the details of the script.

*** Movie Rental Customization ***

We need to have the eRentals script from [url removed, login to view]

customized so that multiple people can list their movies for rent or to buy

(that they have made such as independent films and documentaries). Right now

only the the admin can upload and list films to rent or purchase. Again we need

the script to be customized so that multiple users (members from our current

site that are filmmakers) can list their movies for people to rent or purchase.

There will be no registration as it will be a part of our existing site and our

head coder will assist you with the login integration.> A few points.>

The member will need to be able to edit delete their listing as well as the

admin.> Each member that rent their video will make the revenue from their

rental or purchase.> they will need a billing area where it keeps track of

their profits for the rentals/sales of their movies. We will take a small commission

from each dvd/vhs rental or sale.> You need to add that feature and we need

to be able to set and change the commission fee when ever we want.

*** Licensing Script ***

We need to add a licensing script to our site where artists of all types can

list their work for companies (music, .> Artists will be able to upload and

list their media (all types of media files will be aloud so knowledge of

encoding is a must) and set one ore more types of licensing fees for companies

to choose from and purchase.> Again we make a percentage off of all work

that is licensed.> We should be able to set and modify that number through

the admin.> We should also have full control every work listed to be

licensed on the module. To get an idea of what a licensing script would look

like here are a few music licensing site.> [url removed, login to view],

[url removed, login to view], [url removed, login to view],

[url removed, login to view],

[url removed, login to view],

*** Site Builder and XML ***

We need the eInstant Pages (site builder script) from

[url removed, login to view] cloned from php to asp. We own the eInstant Pages script so

cloning the script should be a breeze. Once our users have a website to market,

we would also like them to have content that generates revenue for them, so we

need you to also create script via XML/RSS technology, where once members create

their website through eInstant Pages, they can then add any module/section of

our current site so that the same exact content (in full) appears in their new

site exactly as it appears on our site. Not only will the content appear but

they would also be able to make a commission off of any fees we charge on each

particular module (kind of like and xml feed and commission on that feed all in

one). So for example if a member had just created the new site through eInstant

Pages, they can then add our entertainment directory (they would do this just by

adding a line of code, xml style) and make a commission off of every link that

was added to it (we charge $49/yr for every submission) though their site. So to

sum up, this script should do the following: 1) Allow members to build a site of

their own (through the cloned asp version of eInstant Pages) in an instant to be

marketed by themselves 2) add a section/module of our current site (XML/RSS

feed) which will appear on their site in full, exactly as it appears on our site

3) make a commission of revenue they generate from the fees we charge in each

particular section of the site they add (somehow the XML and commission part

have to be integrated with one another).>

*** Calendar Script ***

We need a replication of the [url removed, login to view] calendar and the

[url removed, login to view] personal calendar.> The reason we are listing

them as one project is because we want members to be able to add events listed

in the main calendar (the [url removed, login to view] calendar) to their personal calendar

(same time and date in their calendar) with the click of a mouse. Both of the

clone jobs will be part of our current site, meaning the log in will be

integrated to work with our current site> and you will not need to create a

registration as we have one registration page on our site. The first script that

needs to be cloned is the [url removed, login to view] calendar

([url removed, login to view]).> This will be the main

calendar for our sites.> It will list all the events on our site. The one

thing we would like to add to this calendar script is when the admin or a member

posts an event to the calendar the title of the event also appears in a separate

page in descending order with the ability to sort the events by category and

date. The second calendar script we need replicated is the [url removed, login to view] personal

calendar script ([url removed, login to view]). The

script should have an SQL database and an admin so we can control the listings

in the calendar. Our lead coder will give you all the info you need to make the

login customization as simple as possible.

This absolutely must be a thorough and professional job.> You must pay

attention to every detail on every script you work on and we do not accept

cutting corners of any kind.

Daily communication is mandatory and weekly or bi weekly updates are critical

(if not sooner)

We need this work done ASAP so DO NOT bother bidding if you are planning on

working on it yourself or if you don't have the resources.>>

Please and I stress this do not bid on this if you have don't have prior

experience> with the technology that is need to make this a success.

There are very nice bonuses that come with the work upon proper completion.

You will be able to collect 20% of the all the revenue generated from each

script you work on for an entire month.> the best part is you will be able to choose which month you would like

to collect on within the next 2 years.> We are talking about huge bonuses.

Skills: ASP, XML

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