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Humor helps you to convey a message in an effective manner. Often, you do not even require words to put your point across, a simple graphic or illustration can bring a smile to your readerâEUR(TM)s face. Caricatures and cartoons are simple yet subtle mediums of creative expression. Many freelance graphic designers and artists take on work relating to creating caricatures and cartoons from drawings and profile pictures. You can hire these experts here by posting your job.

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Illustrate Something Hi, As a company we are currently trying to have a presentation folder designed and are in need of a hand drawn image of the area we cover so that this really stands out. What we are looking for is a basic map type drawing with various places of our choosing on said map with the main focus being around the three places we currently have offices in. I have attached some images of others we ... 14 Caricature & Cartoons, Illustration, Illustrator Mar 22, 2017 Mar 22, 20171d 17h $49
Illustration of moving trucks (heavy vehicles) using technology - On the right hand side of the .PSD, there is a space where you must illustrate a generic building on a map with a caption - Transport Operator - The map is used as a background for the entire white space in the .PSD - In the space below the 3 bullet points, you will display a cartoon version of the attached truck (.jpg) facing in that direction showing the motion of moving away from the Tr... 1 Caricature & Cartoons, Graphic Design, Illustration Mar 28, 2017 Today6d 5h $50
Illustrate T-Shirt Design I would like to have illustrated a man and a woman holding their fist up wearing a colorful dashiki. The man and woman are African American people. Their skin tones are brown. The illustration is to be 15x18, 300 dpi, cmyk. The likeness for the faces are in the attachment. In the attachment I like the skin tones, facial expressions and hair. You are to take this likeness and illustrate them stan... 5 Caricature & Cartoons, Graphic Design, HTML, Illustration, Illustrator Mar 28, 2017 Mar 28, 20175d 22h $25
Cartoon Character I need a cartoon of a Chinese Immigrant similar to this style of art: [url removed, login to view] (Game: Valiant Heart) The Chinese immigrant will eventually/might be animated, so if possible a illustrator/photoshop file might be nice too. For now, all I need is the character. 0 Caricature & Cartoons, Graphic Design, Illustration, Illustrator, Photoshop Mar 27, 2017 Mar 27, 20173d 7h $10
Logo Design Trial to be our Corporations Designer - All Future Projects!!!!! Looking for someone who can design our corporations logo. It will eventually be a nationwide company. It is a moving company. for the name of the company is Voron Moving. I am looking for a logo design of a crow carrying a house. THE BIRD SHOULD NOT LOOK SCARY, NOR SHOULD THE IMAGE LOOK CHEAP. OR COMPLETED WITHIN 10 MIN OF TIME. I ASK YOU PLEASE PUT MORE EFFORT INTO THIS. THIS IS A HUGE DEAL! obvi... 3 Caricature & Cartoons, Corporate Identity, Graphic Design, Illustrator, Photoshop Design Mar 27, 2017 Mar 27, 20173d $50
Illustrate a Cartoon This is for a new website that is going up in a couple of weeks. I will have 2-4 cartoons each week related to Donald Trump and his administration. You can see a mock-up of the home page here: [url removed, login to view] Attached are two PDFs. The first one titled '2 Rough Drawings and Finished Cartoons' shows what I have provided my current artist (the first slide) and what he ... 2 Caricature & Cartoons, Illustration Mar 27, 2017 Mar 27, 20172d 21h $50
Caricature & Cartoons, Graphic Design, Illustrator, Painting, Visual Arts Mar 27, 2017 Mar 27, 201718d 17h
sketch a comic I wrote a short article (500 words) and would like cartoon-type sketch to go with it. It's about people talking and need characters drawn. Approx. 12 images needed, single color. Funny and simple. By one character for each of the 2 statements under the numbers in the article. i.e. First character - with positive statement; Second character is the altered First, with doubts, looking at what h... 3 Caricature & Cartoons, Illustration Mar 27, 2017 Mar 27, 201712d 15h $10
Illustrate Something DO NOT POST THE IMAGES ON HERE. SEND IMAGES WITH YOUR FREELANCER USERNAME TO BUILDOUTLOUD@GMAIL.COM. THEN POST SOMETHING ON THIS CONTEST AND I WILL SCORE IT. I have about 6 other images that I need created. Similar to below. The winner will be the most creative one that creates an image that clearly depicts the requirements below. Thank you. Company Background: Build Out Loud is a software ... 1 Caricature & Cartoons, Creative Design, Graphic Design, Illustrator, Photoshop Mar 26, 2017 Mar 26, 20174d 7h $30
Designs in Repeat I need 10 prints designed. They need to be repeats. Please submit design repeats on a white background. The measurement of the repeat should be between 3" by 3" and 7"x7". For clarification, a repeat pattern is pattern that can be tiled to match exactly on all 4 sides and does not overlap itself. Simple, modern, friendly and fun designs with up to 7 colors used. ... 14 Caricature & Cartoons, Graphic Design, Illustration, Illustrator Mar 24, 2017 Mar 24, 20177d 1h $100
Illustrate Book Cover - Title: Foster Care to Entrepreneurship - Author name: Lual Lual - Genre: Non-fiction, biographical, inspiration, motivation - I want the book to show a black boy sitting on the ground looking up to an older version of himself wearing a nice suit, with his hand out to him. I also attached a picture of myself which you can incorporate as a real picture somewhere on the cover. The boy and older ... 4 Caricature & Cartoons, eBooks, Illustration Mar 24, 2017 Mar 24, 20171d 13h $30
Farm Animal Round - Up Maze Game We are making a maze for our fun farm. ([url removed, login to view]) Hidden inside the maze are 4 boxes that need a fun farm animal cartoon character designed for the front of each box. Each of the boxes has a push button on the front. When the gamer pushes the button it makes the animal sound. The animals to find are a horse, cow, pig, and sheep. See the sample cartoon style we like and... 23 Caricature & Cartoons, Computer Graphics, Game Design, Illustration, Illustrator Mar 23, 2017 Mar 23, 20171h 10m $82
Design a cartoon super hero for new company Her name is Maven... I would like a Red haired female super hero to be the face of my management company. I would like something that looks strong, sexy and incorporates the colour purple and possibly a couple of different positions. From flying, to standing with hands on hips winking- make it fun and something people will like from a marketing perspective! 53 Caricature & Cartoons, Graphic Design, Logo Design Mar 22, 2017 Mar 22, 20173d 6h $42
Cow Drawing original character We need heifer's drawn (female cow). They will eventually become two puppets. We have included two explanations of their character's. Please read these. Also please sign release before submitting final winning drawing. We also sent one sample face we like to give you an idea [url removed, login to view] 10 Caricature & Cartoons, Illustration Mar 22, 2017 Mar 22, 20173h 56m $35
Plate character The character is plate that hangs in the kitchen, It is a gift from a rich family in France. Please read character description and it will be eventually a puppet. He is wise, sophisticated, tender, and elegant. Be creative and have fun. Please sign release if you win in order for us to reward you. 7 Caricature & Cartoons, Graphic Design, Illustration, Illustrator Mar 22, 2017 Mar 22, 20173h 13m $25
Art for medieval style card game (think Dungeons and Dragons) looking for someone to do graphics for card game (front & back) and box art. Contest is guaranteed and winning artist may be invited, if interested, to be part of whole project to follow. Images on cards (final product) will be approx 3.5" x 3.5" and consist of treasures or monsters. For contest I would like to see two pieces, an Orc and a human fighter (Warrior or barbarian). f... 19 Caricature & Cartoons, Graphic Design, Illustration, Illustrator Mar 17, 2017 Mar 17, 20174d 3h $100
Illustrate a children's book Hi! I am looking to make a children's book listing notable asians in history and need an illustrator to help with creating caricatures/cartoons of the great men and women. I would like the style to be very cartoony, it would be a great bonus if you can do animations as I plan to do that in the second phase of the project. Please submit a cartoon drawing of Bruce Lee for the contest! Thank you... 30 Animation, Caricature & Cartoons, Illustration Mar 12, 2017 Mar 12, 201713d 5h $300
Illustrate Something We are a custom menu chaklboard & Window painting company of over 30 [url removed, login to view] do custom 3d cutout routered images of all types of food images ,ice cream ,pizza,italian specialties name it -as images on our menu [url removed, login to view] use our images for reproduction on a larger scale for our window images-we have been hand window painting for 30 years and have m... 9 Caricature & Cartoons, Illustration, Illustrator, Photoshop Mar 8, 2017 Mar 8, 20178d 11h $10
In Need Of Some YouTube Avatars Hi! I have a channel where I do film and TV reviews. I would like an avatar with a few different poses for this channel. Attached are some images of the drawing style that I would like you to imitate. Things such as the expressions/body language, level of detail, height-width ratio, etc. should all be imitated. More specific things such as the facial features (Eyebrows, nose, hairstyle, facial ... 30 Caricature & Cartoons, Illustration, Illustrator Feb 20, 2017 Feb 20, 20174h 20m $58
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