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3D rendering is the process of automatically converting 3D models into 2D images with 3D effects on a computer. If you are developing or working with such 3D software that requires rendering capabilities and 3D expertise, look no further than this site to hire expert 3D/rendering help in the form of freelancers. You can choose to post your Rendering/3D job today to find such talent!
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Need 3D Elevations, floor plans and A 3d View into a New Development I have 4 house types a,b,c & d, need rendered elevations and floor plans done for these, see samples attached. Also need a view in 3d into the site. See Site plan and arrow showing the view in required. Also shown is picture of site surroundings from the view shown on the site plan. Windows on House type A to be replicated on house type B , C & D. Also sandstone feature around the fron... 0 3D Animation, 3D Modelling, 3D Rendering, 3ds Max, Photoshop Jul 25, 2017 Today9d 17h $91
I need 3D models like at sample I need couple 3D models for my game like sample. Please only qualified designers. The main goal is creating a random weird 3D model and 16 tablet 3D model which main object can barely pass through them. Them must be similar with samples as texture. If i like i want to work for long term with freelance. 2 3D Animation, 3D Modelling, 3D Rendering Jul 25, 2017 Today6d 15h $290
Do some 3D Modelling we are looking for a some male character for mobile stealth game.(similar nathen drake)this character has to be on low medium and high poly [url removed, login to view] to include rig system and some simple animations and have to compatible with mecanim system which on unity 3d game engine if you have some example character which can be referance please send us pics of characters. 1 3D Animation, 3D Modelling, 3D Rendering Jul 25, 2017 Today14d 13h $50
Do some 3D Modelling I need someone to create a 3D model of a showroom display, using images provided. Then produce a few good quality renderings. If required, images of the actual finishes can be provided. 9 3D Animation, 3D Modelling, 3D Rendering Jul 24, 2017 Today2d 2h $95
3D product models Hi, We are looking for someone to create 2 x 3D product boxes and also a 3D golf ball which can be edited in photoshop, by ourselves, via smart layers. We need something similar to this (see link below) , but the ball needs to match closer to our product( also see attachment). [url removed, login to view] It is very important that this is done in Photoshop as we will need to be able to... 7 3D Design, 3D Modelling, 3D Rendering, Graphic Design, Photoshop Jul 24, 2017 Today2d $65
Model of a home security camera We are at an early stage in developing a new home security camera and are looking for early stage design input. Therefore we have posted this contest. Background: We are looking for a concept design of a new home security camera. Design guidelines: • The camera should have an appealing design and fit in any modern home. • It should NOT look like a piece of industrial equipment... 4 3D Animation, 3D Modelling, 3D Rendering Jul 24, 2017 Jul 24, 20175d 22h $100
Cartoon Space Adventure - Attraction Poster We are in need of some concept art for a project proposal. We need an 8.5 x 11 inch movie poster created for a children's space adventure game. The poster should be in Portrait mode NOT in landscape. The poster should be scale-able so that larger prints can be made without loosing quality. Attached to this contest you will find our main character "Iggy". He is a green alien th... 4 3D Rendering, Illustration Jul 24, 2017 Jul 24, 20175d 16h $65
Give our 2D-Model more depth (a 3D-look) Initially we received a sketch from our customer with a rough idea on how the model should look like (please see attachment [url removed, login to view]) We then made a 2D-model with Illustrator (please see attachment [url removed, login to view]) - but we can't quite give it a "3D-look". We tried to accomplish this with horizontal curved lines a slight tilt and a dropshadow - bu... 7 3D Animation, 3D Modelling, 3D Rendering, Illustrator Jul 24, 2017 Jul 24, 20171d 10h $58
Do some 3D Modelling for a small apartment Need to make an interior design layout with furniture layout by auto cad with for the attached apartment layout. will remove all the walls and re design the space to include the following: - 1 Master bedroom ( Bed area + dressing room + bathroom )) - 1 Living room with open kitchen (( including Bar )). - 1 general bathroom for guests. you are free to make more than layout option. ke... 20 3D Modelling, 3D Rendering, AutoCAD, Interior Design, Interiors Jul 23, 2017 Jul 23, 20175d 3h $100
To finish an interior design with render To finish the attached interior design model and render it in high resolution and hight quality render. The design is made same the attached real site photos, we only need to finish the furniture and accessories design plus adding some decorations and wallpaper to the walls. important to keep the original ceiling as it and the walls decorations as its you can only add some thing for it. t... 2 3D Animation, 3D Modelling, 3D Rendering, 3ds Max, Google SketchUp Jul 23, 2017 Jul 23, 20175d 3h $200
Do some 3D Modelling im looking for a 3d designer to model some double wall glass cups i have. they are clear transparent glass with double layers and i need it to be exactly (!) like the original cups. i would like to feel the cups with hot / cold drinks and they should be on the highest end and print ready on the pack. im looking for a quality / results like in the image attached. i need someone how stands on de... 13 3D Animation, 3D Design, 3D Modelling, 3D Rendering, 3ds Max Jul 23, 2017 Jul 23, 20174d 15h $40
3D Modelling of a outdoor swim spa My sister 13 year old sister is disabled and we're looking to build a build a swim spa for hydro therapy so she can begin to walk again. This is the location we're thinking of and were looking for some ideas and a 3D rendering to bring this idea into reality. Some points to consider include: - Need to have practical and disabled-friendly access - The spa is free standing and doesn... 13 3D Animation, 3D Modelling, 3D Rendering Jul 23, 2017 Jul 23, 20174d 13h $79
3D Animation, 3D Modelling, 3D Rendering Jul 23, 2017 Jul 23, 20172d 8h
CAD Modelling+Render. Opportunity to work on 80+ Hour project. We are looking for competent individuals to work with us in the creation of CAD models and photo-realistic renderings for approximately 50 (relatively simple) parts in 30 different assemblies. We think this will take around 80 hours. Below is a competitors catalogue, a similar quality presentation would be required. [url removed, login to view] We are using this contest to select the b... 43 3D Modelling, 3D Rendering, AutoCAD, CAD/CAM, Solidworks Jul 20, 2017 Jul 20, 20172d 5h $44
Create An Animation in 2D or 3D Please create a fully animated clip in 2D or 3D based on this video: [url removed, login to view] ...and this sequence: 2:34 - 3:35 ("Power's back..." to "I think that's all of them.") Obviously there will be no word balloons. You are encouraged to speed up the action, as it moves kind of slowly in this clip. Any length under one minute is acceptable. You... 1 3D Animation, 3D Modelling, 3D Rendering, Animation, Filmmaking Jul 20, 2017 Jul 20, 201724d 9h $200
Cryogenic Sleep Pod - 3D Modeling and Texturing Need an ultra-realistic 3D model with materials and textures for a cryogenic sleep pod that is used as a space exploration vehicle. The materials are metal, glass and RCC carbon panels. Find attached some concept art images and orthographic views for 3D modeling and scale. The condition of the pod should look a little aged (but not too much) and used with fungus/mist on the glass and minor scratch... 15 3D Animation, 3D Modelling, 3D Rendering Jul 20, 2017 Jul 20, 20179h 36m $333
Illustrate Something We are exploring designs for a dog harness with a bluetooth speaker. Photo references of what the harness should look like are attached. The speaker will be integrated into the harness, on the dog's back, projecting the sound behind the dog. The illustration should show the product alone, the product on a dog, and a illustration of a dog walking in-front of a person and the sound projecting o... 6 3D Rendering, Illustration Jul 20, 2017 Jul 20, 20171d 7h $125
3D Character creation & Animation * Create 3D Character, from the provided reference mascot * Animate the character as shown in the reference animation video. * Provided image is the actual mascot used in game, so the character should look AS CLOSE AS POSSIBLE. Mascot - [url removed, login to view]!Agbno9C1rJ5Jg3XHiSHPsPH57pEr Video - [url removed, login to view]!Agbno9C1rJ5Jg3aWLHqycpkvHAPh 5 3D Animation, 3D Modelling, 3D Rendering, 3ds Max, Animation Jul 19, 2017 Jul 19, 20174d 5h $250
video of 3D animated sphere / orb that spins & morphs I need a 3D model of something. I need you to design an animated video loop of a 3D object/shape (ideally a sphere / orb) in motion that captures the essence of both transformation and infinity (no infinity symbols). There's plenty of stock video footage of spinning spheres / orbs but few that are both solid by nature and that show the sphere morphing. The only reference I can offer for in... 5 3D Rendering, Supplier Sourcing, Video Services Jul 19, 2017 Jul 19, 20171d 4h $50
3D Modelling, 3D Rendering, Graphic Design, Package Design, Photoshop Jul 19, 2017 Jul 19, 20175d 15h
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