Bubble Developer: Integrate api functionality to Low/No-Code features to existing Bubble mobile responsive web page

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Closed Paid on delivery

We have a bubble website. We need to quickly bootstrapped this web app to be location aware and is completely Frontend focussed work on UI.

It has to list some results like a directory listing based on location and filter criteria. The filtering criteria is not needed for now. Only sort by distance and recommendation features are required.

We have the Figma UX mockup flow that I can run you down based on which we have the Bubble website.

Understand that the end goal is for the user to be able to interact with this website and quickly navigate through the results page. The task is for one page only out of the 2 pages.

Here are the required functionality:

1. Location-Aware Listing:

- Sort by Distance: Users can easily sort listings based on proximity to their location: This sort filter can be on the bubble UI and should be a UI functionality.

- Sort by Recommendation: use our backend api to get a list of recommendation-based sorting (DEFAULT)

2. Interactive Results:

- Google Map Integration: Visualize listings and locations using a Google Map.

- API Call and Listing Display: The listing results fetched thus far should display each listing data on the map.

- Distance Display: Show proximity between the user location and each listing.

- Route Visualization: Use google place route apu to show route from the user's location to the selected listing.

3. Listing Card Enhancements:

- Streamlined User Experience: Simplify the listing card by removing the self-drive option.

- (OPTIONAL): Prominent 5-Star Rating: Highlight the 5-star rating for easy evaluation. User should be interactively able to provide input rating on each listed card. This feature does not need to be in the first iteration and can be added later.

4. Radio Button Survey:

- (OPTIONAL) User Feedback: Include a four-option radio button survey for each listing. Provide details on survey options.

You should provide an estimated timeline in number of hours and breakup of your milestones based on above features, with an hourly rate.

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