Problem with ColdFusion, pointers and C++

We have had a DLL written in C++ (called RealTimeProcess) for processing of speech for some years. We now need it to work in a web based environment and integrate with ColdFusion. The trouble is that The Dll expectes a pointer to the array of input data, and coldfusion cant manage pointers. How can we make ColdFusion work with this .dll?

The solution can include modifying the dll, making a separate "wrapper" of some sort inbetween, as long as the resulting system works. Saving the parameters to from disk to communicate between the coldfusion and C++ to be used as a last resort.

The solution is to contain changes to the source code of either/both the coldfusion script and the C++ dll to make it work. You may add an additional layer in between if necessary, but mention that in the bid.

A test file has been supplied, [url removed, login to view] that contains the raw input speech data as 16 bit integers.

The functions in the dll that require rewriting are the following:

void SpeechAnalyseRT::storeAndAnalyseChunk(short int* data, unsigned long dataLength){

In this case, the int* pointer is the problem

And in the functions that return the results:

virtual const double* CALL getVoicing() = 0; //size = umFrames

virtual const int* CALL getCorr() = 0; //size = numFrames

virtual const double* CALL getPitch() = 0; //size = *numFrames

ColdFusion needs to read these results, which it cant do at the moment with the data returned as pointers.

A solution to the problem described above.

This must include full source code, and setup instructions needed to run the solution.

The solution must achieve the goal of having ColdFusion read the data in [url removed, login to view], pass it into the RealTimeProcess dll, and read the results returned by the functions getVoicing etc successfully.

If other languages/technologies are needed, include this in the bid, + the cost of purchasing licenses if necessary.

The compiled .dll and source code is attached.

Must work on any the following Windows platforms running coldfusion 8. Windows 2003 server, Windows XP, Windows Vista.

Skills: C Programming, Cold Fusion

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