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Myspace Software

I need a software that I can setup to extract the ids of of users on myspace. The way it would work is as follows:

I type in a friend ID of a user, then click import friends and it would then extract the ids of all the friends of THIS USER and save them. Please take note an id is an actual number.

I should be able to run it at anytime saving the ids, it should not be one compilation. So for example, after the friends ids have been extracted for a user, it should automatically save the file to the installation folder of the application on your computer in it's own folder within there labelled as the id number of the friend that the list was extracted from.

The next step would be to then have the option to use the software to login to myspace to then send friend requests to the users. So for example, I can choose from a pull down menu which friend ID list I want to send requests to OR which search/browse list (explained later) . It would then allow you to send a maximum of 350 requests per day. (Option to over-ride this should be available) but by default it should stop the requests once it reaches 350.

The application should keep track of how many successful, and failed requests that was sent to that particular list, and auto detect if a user was sent a request already so that it would not be resent again.

Myspace now uses a CAPTCHA system where you have to enter a confirmation occassionally, it would be good if the CAPTCHA's could be entered all at once, are even bypassed. If not possible, it should then allow the user to enter the Captcha as it appears on the screen.

The next step would be to give the option to search or browse myspace and extract ids from those pages and store them for sending.

The next step would be to have a comments section, where you can send comments to all those on your friends list. It should limit you to 50 comments per day (option to over-ride this should be available as well).

The next step would be to have a message section, where you can send messages to all your friends list. It should limit you to 50 messages per day (option to over-ride this should be available as well).

That's it. In all you'll have a myspace tool that does the following:

1) Add friends by specified ID number (extraction)

2) Add friends by search/browse for any page that has friend ids listed on it

3) Leave comments on friends pages

4) Send messages to friends

We retain all rights to the application after payment is made. We would prefer to work with someone familiar with how Myspace works, as it would make the job awhole lot easier if the person is familiar with Myspace.

As a followup to the option with posting comments and sending messages, it should be noted that it should keep track of when you sent a message to a user or a comment to a user, so that you would know not to send to that user again so soon, so for example, if you are now starting to send a comment or message for the first time, it would send the message to users 1-50 on the list, THEN it stops. When you run it the next day, it should pick up from the last spot, and go 51-100, etc..etc.

Just wanted to make that clear. The same thing goes for friend requests, when sending it should keep track of the last sent, so it can pickup from where it left off from the previous day or previous time the application was run.


Skills: C Programming, Delphi, Visual Basic

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