Vlan programming and WAN aggregation

I am looking to have a program that can act as a server/NAT box that sits between our router and our dell switches

program/configure vlan’s on dell managed switches/switch bank. (via telnet or SNMP)

also may have to program more than one switch bank that are connected by fiber.

Must be able to route public IP address to any port on the switch or NAT a public IP to any one private IP on a vlan.

This program must also act as firewall and be able to aggregate multiple WAN links for fail over or to designate which vlans use which WAN link.

It also has to limit the vlans to a specific amount of bandwidth either by volume or performance or both.

Provided DHCP to the vlans

Provided a DMZ zone for the vlans for a shared device (printer)----(this is optional)

Indicates when any one of the WAN links are down.

A monitor to graph the amount of traffic any given vlan as used within the month, week, day, or hour.

Be able to guarantee any amount of allocated bandwidth to any one vlan so that it is not used by other vlans, however when the volume is not in use the other vlans may use it.

Skills: C Programming, Linux, System Admin, Visual Basic, Windows Desktop

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