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small C programms

It has to work in a C dev. tool called Bloodshed DEv-C++: [url removed, login to view]

Below the first of several small project i need a C programmer for.

Write a C programm (dos console ) that read 2 matrixs from 2 different files and multiply them - row x column- if this is possible ( check wether the matrixs are valid, well formed so to speak )

and print the result on the screen/console and write it to a file

It is not know before how many rows and columns the matrixs have!

WE only know that on every line there is a row.

The numbers can be divided by one or more spaces a " ," or a TAB or mixtures of those.

Beginning and end of a line may have one or more spaces.

Ofcourse there have to be the same amount of column values on every row; check this!


To count the lines= rows of the matrix you have to read the file twice with a rewind in between.

Use the function FGets to read one whole line.

There might be a Linefeed (linux) or a Carriage return in the string, remove them so you have a neat C string.

Replace " , " and TABG;s with spaces

Remove beginning and ending spaces and multiple spaces

Cut the string in pieces where the value of one matrix element is in and convert every piece of string to a number with the function strtod.

Skills: C Programming

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