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The well known game "Mastermind" game in C++ or C#

I need someone to develop for me the Mastermind

game which is a very common game when the player/computer

is guessing the pawn with different colors. Game must be played

against computer and must be 2 versions : one with player guessing

and one with computer guessing (?) and 2 varatiations of the game

with guessing 4 or 6 colors (out of 8) colors.


When starting the project, an input box requires the name of the player

and a password (with verification twice) for just simple registration as a player

to the game. The programm must have a total of 8 available slots for profiles

of players that can store their personal data and select who is or can


a) Name

b) Email

c) Age

d) Total score (will be calculated automatically - i describe below)

If the player has already registered can press load button and insert its password

so can continue with its profile.

Next there is a selection of radiobutton play

a) Play (you guess)

b) Play (computer guesses)

and below a radio button

a) Play with 4 colors

b) Play with 6 colors

So lets say that we start with (A)

Computer randomly selects 4 or 6 out of 8 colors and

the game starts. User has 10 tries to find the right

combination of ORDER and of course COLOR. There is

a patern of 4 X 10 or 6 X 10 and we start with the first

patern. On the left there are the 8 color circles and the user

drags and drops them to the first pattern. There is a submit

button when is ok. Then the computer displays a smaller circle

a) white circle for the right color

b) black circle for the right color and right position

c) if not, of course remains empty

So the player plays again.

IF player guesses, says a message congratulations and the

score goes like this :

Found on 1st line : 100 points

2nd line : 90

3rd line : 80

4th 70

5th 60

6th 50

7th 40

8th 30

9th 20

10th 10

if not found at all -30 is from the total score

and the computer asks to start again or go to main menu.

Game can be saved any time so the selected game progress

with the same profile can continue later. Of course user can

abort also with -30 points again system. Total score will be

displayed also on top right during progress of the game.

When the computer guesses

the is also a total score for the computer on top right

So the user starts to select the pawns and the icons

and if everything ok, the game starts.

Computer displayes first guess. User can deploy white/black

and press submit. Computer then continues with 2nd try and so on.

If colors are found, the game again stops with a message requiring

a new game or back to main menu.

I dont want graphic design at all. Thats why i am sending the powerpoint

attached so you can copy-paste it or capture it. Either the messages can

be in messageboxes. If graphicwork is needed i will let you know but will

provided by me just to attach to the project.

There must be an option on top menu for help documentation

(will be provided by me in wordpad)

No database will be used. You can save data in xml or whatever you like

for saving the games in progress and the users data.

All project must be done in C++ or C# using visual studio 2010.

Must be delivered :

a) Source code

b) Diagram of main project in visio

c) Final exe that can be saved in any folder and can play with the appropriate files. I would prefer the folder to have only the main .exe and the rest files are in subfolder for example /users or /games or /hlp (for the wordpad help file)

Skills: C# Programming, C++ Programming, Software Architecture

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