Pilot biomechanical software

1) the scope of this project

-Generate a pilot software to analyze movements, which a user could obtain recommendations to improve his movement with a previously established movement.

-The user only has to upload his video; the pilot software does the internal calculations and sends an output with recommendations to achieve the movement that is imiting.

The main objective of this project is to eliminate ALL interactions with the user and obtain recommendations on movement improvements.

The reference app is Kinovea wich use calculations to analyze movements, especially the comparison window when you compare the movements executed by users.

Pilot software will be tested with 2 exercises: 1-kick a soccer free kick (I would you send the videos). 2- Lifting a load from the floor.

2) Details

Kinovea is a free open source software to analyze movements. However, with this software the user must perform several steps analyze the movements, and it isn´t friendly for users. Some of the steps you take to perform the movement analysis are:

- You must establish a reference system.

- Processes with markers

- Send to excel.

- Analysis with excel

(There are many more)

For this pilot software, you should eliminate any process that means task for the user. In such a way that the user enters his video and only has to see the recommendations to improve his movement.

It will be needed a window similar to the comparison window of Kinovea, one user makes the correct movements in one video and the other user who enters his video in this pilot software (having made the same movement) wants a comparison of the two movements.

The idea would be to take the video performed by the user that wants to improve his movement and make a list of the adjustments that must be made in order to improve the movement.

As an example, imagine a user running a soccer free kick in a video. In addition, another user wants to imitate his movement. (Use the Kinovea comparison window). Make changes in the recognition algorithms. Use the biomechanical calculations of kinovea. And compare the movements and make the list of what corrections are needed to achieve the movement to imitate. Some recommendations like:

accompany the beat to the ball, inclining the body towards where the ball is directed

raise your head when you hit the ball

raise the knee more,

It refers to movements that must be made to mimic the movement you want.

About the recommendations: Currently in kinovea the calculations that are sent to Excel and are not interpreted and they are kinematic calculations. The internal calculations take the coordinates of the moving points to physical data such as speed, acceleration, force, etc. In addition, cross the data between them showing graphics. All that is cinematic. There is not only one way to interpret the cinematica, that should be done by someone with some knowledge that is why I also said that this software is not friendly to the user. The distance the speed the time and the acceleration are the main parameters and they are obtained with the typical mathematical formulas of physics. The time is obtained from the same video and the distance of the movement of the points that one selects to follow or track to see how they move. in the video. The rest are derivations of those formulas. Kinovea does not give recommendations to improve movements. It only gives parameters.

Skills: C# Programming, Engineering, Matlab and Mathematica, Software Development, Software Testing

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