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AddLiveVoice Admin Dashboard

Backend: ColdFusion

Phase 1:

Detailed Specifications:

Admin Dashboard- Features and Function

The admin dashboard will allow AddLiveVoice staff to view, manage, create, delete customer

accounts from within an easy to use online interface. The interface will be hosted online and

will interact directly with the coldfusion database that contains the customer information. The

end goal of the project is to allow a senior member of the AddLiveVocie team to be able to

manage all customer data.


All information below information is currently stored in Coldfusion Database but is unaccesible

by AddLiveVoice Team.

View Customer Details

 View minutes used by customer

as well as remaining minutes

 View recordings made by user

 Last login date, set up date,

active Yes or No

 View incovices,

 View UnPaid Transactions

 View recordings by user

 View PIN

 View additional PIN's

 View Corporate ID

 View Cancellations

Customer Sort Function

The customer sort function will act as a clickable link that will allow AddLiveVoice team

members to sort customers based on the variables shown below.

 Last Name ( Alpha)

 First Name ( Alpha)

 Promo Code ( Alpha)

 Corporate ID ( Alpha)

 Date Registered ( Date)

 Last Login ( Date)

 Active Y or N (

Customer Mainenance

The customer maintenance part of the project will allow AddLiveVocie team members to

change customer detials, susupend accounts etc as shown below. All information below is

currently stored in the ColdFusion Database, however it is not accessible by AddLiveVoice

team members.

 Ability to Create new Accounts

 Suspend, Delete accounts ( not

allow anyone to call into the


 Create Promo Codes- Set limit

to minutes

 Change First Name,

 Change Last Name,

 Change email address

Project 2: PIN

Part One:

Create multiple PIN's for each users ( users are currently defined by their email address)

Part Two:

Currently, Pin's are randonly generated by the system. Need to be able to create specific

PINs. For Example, we would need to be able to select 1234567 as a PIN vs. The computer

generating one for us of 4588745.

Skills: Cold Fusion

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