Copywriting Task

Here are the details:

1. I have a list of 3 websites which contain various definitions (glossary terms).

2. Each term has a basic definition/explanation.

3. I need you to re-write the definitions/explanations so that the information obtained does not infringe on the copyright of these 3 websites, BECAUSE COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT IS, AS YOU MAY SUSPECT, I L L E G A L.

4. No internet research needed, no extra time involved. It's pure copywriting - re-writing of the already existing definitions.

5. There will be at least 500 terms, but for the sake of this project let's say there are 500.

6. Will pay $0.10 for each re-written glossary term. Project is thus $0.10 x 500 (or if more than 500, $0.10 x exact number greater than 500). Full payment will reflect the exact number of terms (ie, if there are 865 terms, payment shall obviously be $0.10 x 865)

7. NOTE: Some terms cannot be re-written, because it may be a name or an institution's name.

I prefer to work with one of those I had worked in the past!

Project delivery: within 10 days at most.

This is a two-part note.
1. The first is addressed to all the as*es who placed fake or spam bids, and also those who bid 150, 250 and even $400. How idiot can you be to place a bid not considering my project requests? Do you usually get paid, for your regular job, 3, 5 or 8 times more than what you get? Stupid people! I have reported you as spammers.

Oh yeah, another idiot asked for INSTANT advance payment :)) Instant payment BUT no work guarantee. Pal, I don't even trust my brother, so get lost.

Since I have the money, I make the rules. Period.

2. For all good faith bidders, thank you for your bids. I'll be sending __SOME__ of you few samples (2 or 3 definitions) to see how you deal with the re-writing.

FINAL NOTE TO ALL SPAMMERS: You do get reported, you know? :)

Skills: Copywriting, Data Entry, Data Processing, Proofreading

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