200 GMAT Questions

In this Project the winner will have to draft 200 unique, original GMAT READING COMPREHENSION QUESTIONS. Each reading comprehension passage will be the basis of 3 to 8 different questions.

As you may be well aware, all GMAT Reading Comprehension questions are multiple-choice with 5 choices, only one choice among which is the reference answer.

For all the questions, the reference answer should be specified, and an explanation should be given as to the logic and reasoning behind the choice. This reasoning may also include arguments as to why the other answer choices are incorrect or inappropriate.

The GMAT Reading passages have to be chosen carefully, as to be not as easy as the SAT passages, yet not as convoluted as the LSAT passages.

The winning bidder is supposed to be ORIGINAL and imaginative, and should give proper credit to the source of the passage. At the fulfillment of the contract, the copyright transfers from writer to us, the owner.

Each question should take the standard 1.83 minutes/question to solve.

Out of 200 questions, please use your subjective judgement to determine that 50% of questions are of average difficulty level, 25% are below average in difficulty, and 25% are above average in difficulty.

The final product will be a document in MS-word format. The bidder will proofread the document at least twice to make it error free.

Bidders should provide some sample questions with explanations for approval. If we do not approve the sample questions, we will not go ahead.

Winning bidder shall undertake an anti-plagiarism pledge - the violation of which nullifies the contract and voids any payment. The burden of proof for any plagiarism is upon the writer/bidder.

Ideally, the winning bidder shall have an excellent command in the English language, be very well read, and quite imaginative. In addition, the winning bidder should have an ideas of the subjects usually tackled by the GMAT preparers for such type of questions - like astronomy, history, business, biology, etc.

If there are any questions, please PM me. Make sure you send me samples of work if you have any.

Skills: Copywriting, Data Entry, Data Processing, Proofreading, Training

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