Manually Spin Articles with TheBestSpinner (TBS) or other good software

I have an article that I need a few hundreds or better a thousand spun versions for. Actually, there are a number of articles, but I want to start with one to see the quality of your work before I start working with you on others as well.

My major requirement is that you do a high-quality spinning job by manual selection of synonyms and replacement-phrases. You'll have to use some good software like "The Best Spinner" or "Spinner Chief", or you can do it manually if that brings the same or better result. I only want high-quality work, anything of low-quality will be reported to [url removed, login to view] as a bid that wasted my time.

Here is a sample of what I need exactly:

From this:

In the early years of the 21st century, business ethics research centers have achieved greater prominence than previously, as the value of their work to society has been more fully recognized.

I need this:

{In the early|In earlyDuring the early} {severalnumber of|few} years of the {21st|Twenty-first|Twenty first} century, {business|online business|internet business|corporate} {ethics|integrity|honesty|values|reliability|stability|ethical values|morals|credibility} {research|study|investigation|analysis|exploration} {centers|facilities|establishments|organisations|companies} have {achieved|accomplished|attained|reached|realized|obtained|gained|produced|completed|established|executed|acquired|received|earned|made} {greater|higher|better|more significant|bigger|significantly greater|more|much higher|far better|a lot more|much better|more substantial|an increased|much more|far more|much greater|even bigger|extra} {prominence|visibility|size} {than previously|than ever before|than any other time|than ever|than before|prior to now}, {as the|because the|since the|because|for the reason that|when the|given that the|since|simply because|mainly because the} {value|benefit|price|importance|cost|significance|advantage|true worth} {of|associated with|from|relating to} {their work|the work they do} to the {society|modern society|community|contemporary society|modern culture|contemporary culture|the community|population|the world|people|humanity|civilization|our society|the society|mankind|today's society} {has been|has become|is|happens to be|has actually been} {more|considerably more|a whole lot more} {fully|completely|thoroughly|properly|extensively} {recognized|acknowledged|accepted|realized|noticed|endorsed|grasped}.

Which will result in these:

In the early several years of the Twenty-first century, internet business stability investigation centers have gained an increased visibility than ever before, since the cost from their work to the population has actually been considerably more completely acknowledged.


In early several years of the 21st century, corporate values investigation companies have obtained bigger visibility than ever, because the cost relating to the work they do to the modern society is more fully noticed.


During the early few years of the Twenty first century, business honesty analysis organisations have gained significantly greater visibility than ever before, since the importance associated with their work to the contemporary society has become more properly realized.


(and hundreds more variations...)

If you didn't get it, unsure about the task, can't do exactly how I ask, etc. - simply don't bid! Don't waste both my and your time.

The payment is $50 per spun article (6-8 paragraphs), i.e. a few hundred to a thousand unique versions created. I'll ask you to do the test-task of one sentence to make sure I want to hire you over others.

I only need high-quality work, manual work (no auto-rewrites, auto-spin, etc.), no grammar errors, perfect American English, and again: high-quality spinning job!

Skills: Article Rewriting, Article Writing, Copywriting, Ghostwriting, Proofreading

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