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This project is to write 8 quality articles with careful analysis and research.

You will have to write articles about affiliate marketing, e-commerce and selling products online.

The primary purpose of these articles should be to promote [url removed, login to view] online affiliate network ( [url removed, login to view] ) .

The promotion should not be blatant. All articles should be written in a way so it would be accepted by all article directories. You will have to review some features, functions that most online product sellers require and show how beneficial those features are - in other words - educate people. [url removed, login to view] will provide these features, so at the end of article/author box you should include a link to [url removed, login to view] .

Articles with these topics should be written:

1. Have a BIG ZERO in your budget? It's not a barrier to start your own internet business!

Describe the expenses needed for starting internet business (webhosting, affiliate network fees, various essential scripts and tools (like dlguard), sales-letters and so on).

In the end of article tell shortly about the solution for saving a big part of those expenses.

Sometimes some people who want to start internet business are greatly discouraged by actually unavoidable startup expenses: sales-letter creation, webhosting for your files and website, merchant/affiliate network fees, various essential scripts/tools (like DLGuard), not mentioning various additional things like tools for affiliate control, statistics system and so on.

However, you can save greatly on those expenses if you choose the right network which is able to offer a lot for minimum costs. just like Click2Sell. If you choose C2S, then you can really save much so precious money.

1) Intro to internet business startup and common expectations of beginners.

2) The real internet business environment: there's actually a lot of things which you have to pay. Explain shortly each mentioned area and why it costs:

a) sales-letter

b) webhosting

c) network fees

d) various scripts (DLGuard)

e) affiliate control tool

f) statistics system

3) Explaining that most of money spent for these things can be saved if you choose all-in-one solution like Click2Sell.


2. A simple method that will essentialy guarantee your increased sales!

The article about the effects of having only one payment method and why having several payment methods is better for your sales.

The common problem is that quite many merchants limit themselves by offering just one payment option: be it just Paypal, or just credit cards, Moneybookers funds and so on.

That means that some of the customers are simply not able to buy a product just because they are not able to pay for it.

That means lower sales. Even though sales-letter is just super killer sales-page and the product is by thousand lightyears above the others. In this case the merchant can just expect and prey that his offered payment method would be acceptable to as big part of his/her customer as possible.

However, instead of plain preying, it would be much more effective, if merchant would get additional payment gateways to accept more payment options. Most of them are free or quite cheap. Just to mention some gateways: Paypal, Moneybookers, Google Checkout, WOrldpay, [url removed, login to view] and so on.

Of course, there is quite incovenient thing that you have to go to each of those merchant account everytime, so why not just put all needed account's data to one place and manage them from there. You can do it from Click2Sell. You will be able to not just manage a few accounts, but also you will get additional features.

1) The problem of limiting payment accepting ways.

2) What effects it has.

3) What should be done to fix it.

4) You can manage everything from Click2Sell.


3. Be the Master of your affiliates

The article about why having sophisticated affiliate control tool is of great benefit.

Describe what are the effects of being able to ban an affiliate, change commission size for certain affiliates, manually approve affiliates, track performance of each of them.

In most of the networks merchants do not have any control of affiliates. For example, you can't ban an affiliate yourself, if that affiliate picks your product and promote it in a very spammy way, thus creating a bad aura of your product. Another example is if a scammer picks your product and makes illegal affiliated sales, you can't do anything to him/her directly (e.g., ban him/her), you have to waste your time by contacting the support service of your affiliate network and ask them to take some actions in order to punish that scammer.

Let's talk about your good affiliates who are bringing you a lot of sales. When you do not have any affiliate management tool, there is actually no direct way to reward such good affiliates (unless you do it indirectly, e.g., by giving him/her some money via paypal or something like that) or offer a better deal for your good affiliate.

Just imagine, if you could setup a special commission rate (for example, 80% commissions instead of regular 50%) just for your good affiliate. It would be a good way to say "thank you" to them and encourage them to make even more sales.

Another annoying thing that happens when there is no affiliate management tool is that you simply can't contact your affiliates. Being able to communicate with your affiliates is very beneficial because:

a) you could announce them about the product's update, changes

b) you could ask them if they have any problems in promoting your product

c) you could just have a chat with your affiliates thus creating relationship with them

d) ask their opinion about the product (maybe there is something you could change in the product?)

Being able to manually approve your affiliates gives you a chance to make sure that your product is being promoted by just selected affiliates (so no newbie could pick and promote it in spammy way).

The structure of article should be something like that:

1) The problem of not having the control of your affiliates.

2) The benefits of handling bad, spammy affiliates

3) The benefits of rewarding your great affiliates

4) The places where you can find such things. Click2Sell


4. Handle different merchants accounts as easily as different mailboxes

The article about merchant's hassle managing several merchant accounts in different systems.

Explain the benefits of being able to control them from the same place (just like different mailboxes via outlook express).

Being able to offer a few different ways to accept your buyers payments is a good way to improve your sales. However perhaps you know it already how is it tiring to check every merchant account in different systems to see if you have sales and what are the details of the sales. And this task should feel even more tiresome when there is a possibility to see everything from the same place.

Another great thing about being able to manage everything from the same place is that you do not need to clog your sales-page with a few buy-now buttons of different systems. Instead of those several payment buttons you could add just one button what is much more effective, aesthetical and compact.

What is more, that in most payments systems (like Paypal, Google Checkout, Worldpay and so on) you can make sales just yourself, but you can't have other people (affiliates) to promote your product and earn commissions for that (unless you install a complicated system in order to be able to have affiliates). So by using Click2Sell you get not only above mentioned nice things, but you also get a very major thing: possibility to run your own affiliate program.

1) The benefits of having different payment options. The hassle of managing and looking for info in each of merchant accounts.

2) The benefits of handling everything in the same place.

3) The benefits of having just one buy-now button, not a few.

4) The major benefit of being able to run affiliate program for each payment method.

5) You can get everything from Click2Sell


5. Having hassle with handling refunds in different merchant accounts?

Describe the refunds in everyday internet business life. Various issues with refunds and hassle to handle them in different merchant accounts. The benefits of being able to control them from one place.

1) Refunds in everyday internet business life.

2) Various issues with refunds and hassle to handle them in different merchant accounts

3) The benefits of being able to control everything from the same place

4) Click2Sell


6. Competition in merchants platform with integrated affiliate programs networks niche.

An article about competition itself. How it affects the niche. Competition level in above mentioned niche in times when there were only Clickbank and Paydotcom. What outcome is possible in terms of competition after arising of third player Click2Sell?

I think I don't need to explain you how the competition is beneficial to you as a consumer. There was a strained situation for quite a long time in affiliate networks area as the only "players" in this area were Clickbank and Paydotcom (which joined a few years later). After their launch they didn't offered major changes in their system, didn't introduced something new, they just didn't evolved during the time. Perhaps just because of lack of competition.

We could accept this argument as quite correct just by looking at Click2Sell (a new player in this area) which recently introduced far more features than Clickbank and Paydotcom.

1) The benefits of tight competition for consumers

2) The situation of competition in affiliate marketing networks area (the only networks are Clickbank, Click2Sell, Paydotcom)

3) Why the entrance of third company (Click2Sell) in this area will make the impact

4) The possible future in this area


7. No need for looking for hundreds of tools, scripts and mods for having a successful internet business

Describe the successful marketers' everyday business life full of additional scripts, tools, mods. Summarized list of essential scripts and tools. The hassle of having to install everything, make sure everything is compatible with each other, dirty work with configurations and html codes. The benefits of having all-in-one solution.

Looking for new tools, scripts and mods is almost a must for many merchants because without those scripts their business would be less profitable and more complicated.

Well, basically you could sell your products online by just getting Clickbank or Paypal account, but in most cases you would look like a tiny unnoticable seller somewhere deep behind others in a giant supermarket.

If you want to be at least an average seller, you need to have protected download page (you don't want your products to be stolen, right?), have installed a solid statistics tracking system, find a solid hosting, have a link cloaking script and so on. And all these are just the essential sellers tools. For every small thing (e.g., auto price changer) you have to do a search for such script/tool. And you have to keep in mind that all these scripts, mods and tools has to be installed (not everything is easily installed), they have to be compatible with each other, put your hands to the code or configuration of your system or hire someone to do that.

Of course, nobody can offer you everything at once, but you could save your time and efforts by choosing the right company which offer all-in-one solutions. For example, choosing Click2Sell you won't need to puzzle your brains about statistics system, protected download pages, hosting, affiliate program system, many tiny things (like automatic price changer) and so on. Once you get all of these you can spend your precious time on other matters :)

1) The importance of scripts, tools and mods for your successful internet business

2) The summarised list what type of tools the merchant needs

3) The hassle of having to install everything, make sure everything is compatible with each other, dirty work with configurations and html codes

4) The benefit of all-in-one solution. CLick2Sell


8. The benefits of being able to control commission payments and refunds yourself

The article about common problems of having unprotected download links of your product, cheating customers. How this problem can affect your sales.

1) The situation with Clickbank commission payments and "automatic" refunds

2) Reasons why self handled refund control is better

3) Reasons why and when self handled commission payments is better than automatic

4) Where you can get it.


In most cases please do not mention Click2Sell until the end of article.

It would be great if articles could provide EXACT advice on how to solve one problem (like 5 steps to ...) and educate readers.

Thank you,


Skills: Copywriting

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