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25 SEO articles on disney world vacation

I am requesting 25 articles written concerning the topic of disney world vacation.

If your total bid amount for this project is greater than the amount you include in the GAF "Your bid for the total project" field, please state that clearly in the "Provide the details of your bid" field (NOT in a PM).

If you plan to outsource this project to someone else, I want to be made aware of that as part of your bid.

We have a large number of ongoing projects and the right candidate can look forward to additional writing projects.



___ Length: 450-550 words each. This is the length of the article CONTENT, and does not include the article title or sub-title (described later below). Please, no filler words just to add content.

___ Each article is to be written in its own file. Use the keyword phrase as the file name. For example, if the keyword phrase is 'life cycle treadmill' then the file name for the article would be 'life cycle [url removed, login to view]' if the file was written using Microsoft Word or 'life cycle [url removed, login to view]' if the article was written in ASCII.

___ Article file format may be Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) file or an ASCII text file (.txt). One file per article named according to the keyword, all in lower case characters, and with an underscore separating the words. For example, if the article keyword phrase is "this special keyword", then the article file name should be "this_special_keyword.txt" for an ASCII text file or "this_special_keyword.doc" for a MS Word file.

___ Articles need to be written in very good grammatical & fluent US English (not British English; e.g. "behavior", not "behaviour"; "favor", not "favour"; "while", not "whilst", "spoiled", not "spoilt", etc.).

___ Do not write the articles in third person.

___ Article content should be informative, easy to read for most anyone, should "flow" naturally for the reader, and be free from any typing, spelling, and grammatical errors, with correct English punctuation, capitalization, and sentence structure.

___ The article should not read as a press release for a company when the keyword contains a company name. For example, for the keyword 'Life Cycle Treadmill' the article should not sound like an advertisement or press release issued by Life Cycle Corporation.

___ Do NOT use article "spin" software to produce these articles. Seldom does such software produce content that reads naturally for the reader. (If you require the use of article "spin" software, please do not bid on this project.)

___ Articles must be 100% your original work and free of copyrighted, plagiarized, or licensed material from a 3rd party of any kind, including offline material. I verify originality.

___ Please minimize usage of UPPER CASE IN THE BODY OF THE ARTICLES and also the use of exclamation points (!!!), as both of these styles tend to communicate that the writer is yelling at the reader.

___ The articles must not contain any profanity or lewd comments.

___ Each article needs to be focused on one specific keyword phrase. I will supply the list of keyword phrases for this project, one for each article. Please use the keyword phrases exactly as I provided them, even if a phrase does not appear to make sense or has an apparent typo. More keyword details are below.

___ Where it makes sense in the articles, it will help to mix in concepts associated with the keywords that I provide. For example, associated concepts for "affordable disney family vacations" might include words such as discount, inexpensive, and low-cost (among many others).

___ Where it makes sense and flows naturally in the article content, please include one URL within some of the articles pointing to well-known authority web sites related to this niche. No more than one is necessary in any given article. (This is not a requirement, but a preference where it makes sense in an article.)

___ You should not use the same paragraphs or facts in multiple articles. Each article needs to be unique, even if the keywords for each are similar. (Some of the keyword phrases WILL be similar. In that case, each article based on the similar keywords can include different aspects, angles, or nuances concerning the similar keyword topics.)



___ Provide one space after each period, colon, or semi-colon.

___ Periods should be inside of quotes.

___ When placing three dots at the end or middle of a statement (e.g. "The missing amount was found later..."), there should only be three dots; no more, no less.

___ When using dashes to separate a thought, use two in a row (--).

___ There is never a space before a period or comma.

___ No paragraph indentation.

___ One blank line between each paragraph.

___ Keep paragraphs between 2 and 6 sentences in length.

___ After the title write a 2-4 sentence summary that includes the article's keyword phrase.

___ The summary must catch the reader's attention and create interest and desire to read the full article. After writing the summary, read it and consider the summary creates enough interest that you would want to read the article. Examples of interesting and attention getting summaries can be found at:

[url removed, login to view]

___ One blank line between the title and the summary and three blank lines between the summary and the first paragraph.

___ As a repeat from above, please use the keyword phrases exactly as I provide them, even if a phrase does not appear to make sense or has an apparent typo.

___ Each article requires a TITLE. The title starts with the keyword phrase, followed by a colon (:) and then the rest of the title. The title should not end with a period. The title must be in upper and lower case letters with the first letter of each major word capitalized. The titles should be left justified, not centered.

___ Each article requires a TITLE positioned one blank character after the key phrase & colon (described just above) starting on the same line.

___ Sample of "Key Phrase: Title" structure. "Affordable Disney Family Vacations: How To Plan A Disney Family Vacation" (without the quotes).

___ The title must catch the reader's attention and create interest and desire to read the full article. When you write a title, read it and consider if you would then want to read the article. Examples of interesting and attention getting titles can be found at:

[url removed, login to view]

___ Though the keyword phrase will make up the article title and also be scattered throughout the article, the article title should NOT be repeated in the body of the article.

___ Each article requires 2-4 short sub-headings (2 words minimum, 6-7 words maximum for sub-headings) to help break up the article content for better readability and to adequately explain for the reader the next section in the article.

___ The sub-headings must be in upper and lower case letters with the first letter of each major word capitalized. The sub-headings should not end with a period.

___ The sub-headings must be in normal font (no bold, italics or underlining).

___ There should be one empty line both before and after each sub-heading.

___ Each keyword phrase should be used in the FIRST PARAGRAPH of its article.

___ Each keyword phrase should be included somewhere in the LAST PARAGRAPH of its article.

___ Each keyword phrase should be scattered throughout the rest of the article. Do not use the keyword phrase more than 4 times in the article (excluding the keyword phrase contained in the title & summary).

___ Some keyword references can be re-worded in the article where it makes sense for the reader (for example, "affordable disney family vacations" might also be referenced as "affordable family vacations at disney").

*** A sample of the article structure I am requesting for the articles is at the very bottom of this description.

___ When complete, all of the article files should be copied into one zip file and delivered to me via email.



Main Phrases: Disney World Vacation

Overall Theme: The typical person reading the article(s) will be a parent of young children who is searching for information on creating a memorable Disney world family vacation.



The keywords will be supplied to the winning bidder.

These articles will be used on a web site for the purpose of driving traffic to it.

Once you start the project complete three articles, stop, zip them and email them to me for review. This will ensure that we are both in sync on the article writing requirements. You will be PAID for these articles.

After I have reviewed the articles I will let you know to continue with the remainder of the articles in the project (this is the approval date). All of the articles need to be completed in 7 days from the final approval date.

Otherwise, no status report is required during the writing period. However, if it appears your delivery of the articles will be delayed, I need to know that at least two days prior to the project completion deadline so that we can negotiate a new delivery date.

Although the time frame to complete these articles is important, QUALITY CONTENT and a COMPETITIVE BID PRICE are higher priorities for this project.

While you will find I am easy to work with, unlimited revisions will be expected until each of the articles meet all of the requirements in this project posting. If you have any questions or uncertainty concerning requirements for this project, please contact me. Much better to clarify in advance than do rework.

All articles will be considered "work made for hire" under U.S. Copyright law. I will own exclusive and complete copyrights to all competed article content once delivered and paid. You may not distribute the articles in any way after delivery to me.

The agreed upon bid for this project will be the only compensation due for completion of the articles. Payment at the end of the project will be made through GAF's escrow service, using PayPal.

Please provide one or more links or file attachments in GAF to some of your previously written articles (links DIRECTLY to your specific articles, please, not simply to web sites that contain your articles somewhere on them where I must hunt them down and guess which are yours).

For a person experienced with article writing in US English and some knowledge of the topic, this will be a simple project.

Your attention to detail with the requirements stated above will weigh heavily in my consideration of selecting your writing services.

I look forward to working with you!

A sample of my requested structure for the articles is just below.


Keyword Title: Sub-Title that Includes Reworded Keyword Phrase

Summary: A 20-35 word summary that includes the article's keyword phrase.

content - keyword phrase in the first paragraph



Sub-Heading 1 (2 words minimum, 6-7 words maximum)


content - Use the keyword no more than four times

content - in the body article.


Sub-Heading 2 (2 words minimum, 6-7 words maximum)




OPTIONAL Sub-Heading 3 (2 words minimum, 6-7 words maximum)



content - keyword phrase in last paragraph

Skills: Copywriting

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