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Project Specification

You are to simulate the operation of a traffic light in a 4-way intersection. Cars, buses and trucks arrive at random intervals and may only go through the intersection when the facing traffic light is green. The simulation should keep track of various statistics as specified below and report the results when the simulation ends.


The main criteria for this project are as follows.

The program will simulate 5 minutes of runtime.

The resolution (smallest unit of time) will be 1 second.

The light will take 2 seconds to change from red to green, and this is the same in all directions. Notice that the light is synchronized for North-South and East-West traffic.

The light stays red or green for 20 seconds.

Times for each vehicle to pass through the intersection are as follows. Each occurs with equal probability.

Cars take from 2 to 3 seconds.

Busses take from 2 to 4 seconds.

Trucks take from 2 to 5 seconds.


The program should start with a greeting that pauses the program. The program must then compute and report the following statistics when the simulation ends. You should use column formatting to display the output.

Number of vehicles that arrived at the interseciton.

Number of vehicles that went through the intersection.

Number of vehicles waiting to go through the intersection.

Syntax And Program Requirements

At least 3 new classes (including a random number class)

Constructor initialization list

STL string class


Use of the darray

Templates (not including darray)

Output with annotations

Skills: C++ Programming

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