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This is a data entry project. Although the description is VERY long, the work is not THAT extensive, but I just want to make sure I hit on everything.

I have an iPhone application developed. The purpose of the application is to allow for people to search for movie locations based on their current location on an iPhone. The entire application is created... I just need the movie locations uploaded to the server. I have gone through a bunch of websites that have the addresses but I am going to need you to go through and take all the addresses out and put them onto my server. Uploading to the server is simple. I have an admin area where you enter the movie name and then add new addresses and notes about that address (if applicable). To see a snapshot of the admin area, click the link below:

[url removed, login to view]

Please follow the links for all of these below with EXACT instructions of how we must add results to the database. I can afford to pay $175 for this data entry project right now.

Regarding the addresses that we currently do have on the site, we're going to need to get rid of them so before you begin you will need to go through and delete all of those entries. So please delete all of these entries and add the entries detailed below. VERY IMPORTANTLY, this is essentially a data entry job, however, whomever actually enters all of these into the database will need to be careful. Most of the sources that we are obtaining the information from do not provide the information in a simple list format... A lot of the sources contain paragraphs of information and the addresses that we need to use are buried in there. Most of the addresses are in the United States. We use Google Maps to provide directions and the actual locations. Google Maps is great because you don't necessarily need the entire address for Google Maps to know the location. For instance, if the address is 1234 SW 12th Street, Pompano Beach, FL, USA, you will be able to put in 1234 SW 12th Street, Pompano Beach and Google Maps will know the location (even though the state and the country are left blank). For addresses, you will need to do some thinking, though, because not all of the websites below list the address in a simple format. For instance, on this page: [url removed, login to view], please see where it says:

Peter's house is located at 3959 Franklin Ave, in the Los Feliz section of Los Angeles.

That's at the northeast corner of Franklin Ave & St. George Street.

For the address, you will put "3959 Franklin Ave., Los Angeles". Please just look at the paragraphs and think about it so you are able to figure out what needs to be included in the address to make sure the location is displayed on the app. If you have an idea of United States geography, that is certainly a benefit, because I need to make sure that you can tell the different between relevant cities and cities that don't exist so that every movie we display has the correct address.

As another example is this:

Jamie Leigh Curtis made her movie debut in the 1978 horror classic, "HALLOWEEN." The movie was supposed to be set in the little Midwestern town of Haddonfield, Illinois. But that tree lined residential street is really Orange Grove Avenue in suburbanHollywood, just north of Sunset Blvd. Most of the action in the movie took place in the Dole residence, where Jamie was baby-sitting. That house is located at 1530 Orange Grove. Her best friend was murdered while baby-sitting in the house across the street (the one with the jack-o-lantern on the porch), at 1537 Orange Grove.

For this, the Movie name is Halloween and the address is 1530 Orange Grove, Hollywood AND another address is 1537 Orange Grove, Hollywood.

You need to make sure you identify what the name of the movie is and be able to figure out the address. The address is typically going to be the number with something shortly after and then the paragraph will have something like "in Los Angeles", "in Beverly Hills", "in L.A.", "in Hollywood". If it has that, please put a comma after the street address with the number, and following the comma, please put the city name. This is important so that we are able to give the actual address location to our users.

As can be seen by the previous examples, I really need you to have someone who is willing to think about this project as they are entering all of the entries in the database. I need someone to be able to realize what the Movie name is and what the address is so that everything works perfectly. Sometimes that address will be something like that which is mentioned above... 1530 Orange Grove. There are probably 25 locations in the United States that have that same address so it is important that we place a comma after that address and place the name of the city after it... so the person who inputs all of this will need to read the paragraph and realize what that city name is. And they need to pay close attention to this and ONLY put city names in because some of them will say something like "in ..." but that word that follows it is not necessarily a city. You need to pay close attention and be on the lookout for ONLY cities in the addresses.

For each movie name, there are going to be multiple locations, because most movies are filmed in hundreds of locations. Even though you may find different addresses for the same movie on multiple different websites, I need to make sure that the same movie is always in the same format and spelled exactly the same and whatnot. For instance, one website may have the movie name as follows: Ace Ventura - Pet Detective. While another website may have it as follows: Ace Ventura Pet Detective. We need to make sure they we have uniformity throughout the website so that if someone were to search for a movie by movie name, it only has ONE result for a specific movie. An easy way to do this will be to just make sure we have NO DASHES OR COLONS in movie names at all!

The key to all of this is that you are going to be able to look at the websites below and:

1. Identify the Movie Name

2. Identify the address(es)

3. Add notes to each location. This is only applicable if the specific website actually provides notes for a specific location. If the website does not provide notes, just leave the notes blank. You will also see that for each movie, there is a section in the admin area for "Notes" under the movie name. Just put the movie name in there as well.

Now, here are the specific instructions for gathering the information from each database.

First, please go here:

[url removed, login to view]

For the address of each of these, we are going to search the first portion (which is a blue link on the page) of each line and then the last portion in the parenthesis. So for instance, taking the first line on the website, the address we will search will be "Arcadia University, Wolfville, CAN". Then, the Movie titles that will be displayed are the portions in between what we search for address, like "Delores Claiborne".

On the second one on the list, you will see that there are five movies: Scream II; Fried Green Tomatoes; Driving Miss Daisy; The Bear; The Four Seasons. All five of these movies were filmed at Agnes Scott College in Decatur, GA. Therefore, If a user is within 100 miles of Agnes Scott College, Decatur, GA, all five of these movies will show up. You will notice if you do a search for Agnes Scott College, Decatur, GA, you will find that a few different locations appear. Please only use the first location that is displayed by default.

Looking down the list a bit, you will see Boston University. The movie called "21" was filmed here at Boston University. Therefore, the name of the movie should be 21, and the address of the location should be "Boston University, Boston, MA"

Further down the list you will see "CUNY -- Baruch College", which is where "Devil's Own" was filmed.

Additionally, please remove ALL dashes and colons from locations and movies. So, for instance, on the location mentioned above, it will instead search "CUNY Baruch College, New York, NY"

That is pretty much it for that website.

Next, please go to this website:

[url removed, login to view]

username and password will be provided later...

Please add everything under the Miscellaneous to the database. For the "Name", please just copy and paste the portion in bold. The address is there for all of them. Some of them have a bit of information below... for these, please put that portion in the Notes section.

Next, please go here:

[url removed, login to view] and here:

[url removed, login to view]

For each of those locations, please use the links on those two pages as the name for each location. Then on the pages you click to, you will see the address, and add the information below to the Notes section.

For instance, on this page: [url removed, login to view] you will use the name "Prison Break" and then on this one: [url removed, login to view], you will see the top location is Fox River Prison. Use the address: Joliet Prison, Collins Street, Joliet, Illinois, USA and the Notes: Most of Prison Break's first season is set in Fox River Prison, which is actually Joliet Prison in Illinois, USA. Joliet Prison stopped functioning as a Prison in 2004.

Please note that when you enter that address onto google maps, quite a few locations actually appear. The first location that appears by default is the one we need, so please make sure it uses that one for the purposes of the iPhone application.

Next, please go here:

[url removed, login to view]

Please click all of the pink buttons and add all of these to the database. The Name of the location is in bold under "Used in:" to the right after you click a pink button. The address is on the top after you click a pink button and it has a couple words in green, followed by the address. For the locations for the purposes of adding them to the applications, please replace the colon after the green words with a comma, and then paste the address as it is listed, and then AFTER the address, put a comma and then "New York".

Next, please go here:

[url removed, login to view]

Click on each letter and add EVERY movie to the list. As far as gathering the actual addresses, it's a bit more difficult because you need to read each page to get all the information.

For instance, go to the letter A and click Ace Venture to go here: [url removed, login to view]

You will see a lot of paragraphs that have addresses. It is VERY important that you follow this closely... Portions of the address are written in WHITE, instead of GRAY. Please use the portions in WHITE for the address, but you need to be careful when doing this... a lot of the paragraphs will first have the name of the location in white, like in this paragraph:

Ace Ventura (Carrey) keeps a secret menagerie in his ‘Surfside’ apartment, the Campton Apartments, 1455 Washington Avenue – alongside the artsy rock venue Cameo Theatre at 1445 near Espanola West – in the newly-revitalised art deco district of South Beach.

It has Campton Apartments in white. I DON'T want that portion. I only want the actual address... so for the app it should search 1455 Washington Avenue.

For the Notes section, please put the entire paragraph about that specific address:

Ace Ventura (Carrey) keeps a secret menagerie in his ‘Surfside’ apartment, the Campton Apartments, 1455 Washington Avenue – alongside the artsy rock venue Cameo Theatre at 1445 near Espanola West – in the newly-revitalised art deco district of South Beach.

For the NEXT location in ace ventura, the name will be also be Ace Ventura Pet Detective. The address will be 2269 NW 199th Street. And the Notes will say:

The football stadium from which Snowflake disappears is the real home of the Miami Dolphins, the Pro Player Stadium (formerly and famously the Joe Robbie Stadium), 2269 NW 199th Street, a hi-tech 73,000 seater sports arena about 16 miles northwest of downtown Miami. If you fancy catching a game, there’s a Metro-Dade Transit Authority bus from town.

Please do this for ALL movies on this website. Basically, as long as there is a number address, please add that location for the movie.

Next, please go here:

[url removed, login to view]

This site is a bit tricky, like the last site. The addresses are contained within paragraphs, so you need to read the paragraphs to extract the information. For instance, go here:

[url removed, login to view]

The top paragraph is this:

The wedding scene in the 1979 comedy "10," where Dudley Moore first sees Bo Derek, was filmed outside the All Saints Episcopal/Anglican Church, 504 N. Camden Drive, at the northeast corner of Santa Monica Boulevard & Camden Drive in Beverly Hills (just around the corner from Rodeo Drive.)

The Name of the Movie is 10, the address is 504 N. Camden Drive, Beverly Hills, and the Notes are the entire paragraph.

I need all the things on the following page added to the database:

[url removed, login to view]

Please click the links under Local Filming Locations of Major Hollywood Movie, which includes the sections 2000's Movies to 1930's Movies, as well as the portions below from "I Love You, Man" to "The Bronson Caves". This also includes everything located under "Filming Locations of Television Shows Made-for-TV Movies & Music Videos" including the links for '50s TV to 2000's TV and Dexter to Roswell.

Thanks and I look forward to receiving your bids.

- Brian

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