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(20 pts.) Do Capstone Exercise on page 199. Be sure to use Move Chart to move charts to their own chart sheets where directed, do not use Copy/Paste.

(20 pts.) Create a workbook named census_LastNameFirstName to display charts for some census data for five areas (ex. states, countries, counties) for two different years. Your worksheet should satisfy the following specifications. Your workbook must be unique and reflect your own data and design.

In cell A1 display your name merged and centered across used columns. Increase the font size and add a different font name than the default font.

In cell A2 use the Insert Link command to cite the source of your data. Paste the URL into the Address area.

Include row and column headings as appropriate for the area and time units.

Create a Clustered 2-D Bar chart chart plotting data for all the areas and time units such that there are five data series, one for each area. Edit the fill color of the series with the smallest bar to black. Add data labels to the end of the smallest series showing the numeric value. Use the Insert Shape command to add a shape containing text with a meaningful fact about this series. Insert an arrow shape to point to the smallest series. Include a chart title and move the legend to the left side with a legend command. Use the Move Chart to move the chart to its own sheet named Bar.

Create a Line chart with Markers comparing values for one time unit across the five. Format the markers to a diamond shape with an enlarged size. Add major vertical gridlines. Add a Y axis title. Add a data table which appears under the chart.

Use the Move Chart to move the chart to its own sheet named Line.

Give an appropriate name to the data sheet and move it to the left of the three sheets.

Add a header of your name in the left side, sheet name in the middle, and current date on the right side.

Skills: Data Entry, Data Processing, Excel, Microsoft Office, Word

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