Enter Captcha with FAST CONNECTION

I need a team that can enter captchas at 10AM,11AM & 1PM (Eastern Standard Time EST) daily. I am looking for a group that can dedicate multiple workers to entering captchas, and the captchas will be entered for 15 minutes at a time.

Also I have a website where the captchas will be hosted, so you will simply login to the website and the captcha will appear where you will type in the words.

Please make your offers per 1000 Captchas.

Also please specify the total number of workers you have available.

Also please specify your internet connection speed.

***IMPORTANT this captcha entry is all about SPEED not quantity. I'm looking for a team that can enter Captcha's the second that I specify ***

I am looking for a team of people that can enter in Captcha's at certain times throughout the day. I have a website built, so the team would only need to login to the website and the captcha's would be hosted for you to solve directly on the site.

***PLEASE NOTE*** This job is different than a normal Captcha entry job for a several reasons:

1) You have to be available to enter captchas at the following times everyday: 10AM,11AM, 1PM (EST - Eastern Standard Time,US). You must be able to start exactly @ 10/11/1 - if you're late by even 10 seconds I can't employ you.
2) It is imperative that you have a VERY fast internet connection, since these captcha entries are all about quickness. Please specify your connection speed in your quote.
3) You will only be entering in captchas for 30-45 minutes p/ day (i.e. from 10:00AM - 10:15AM etc.)
4) I need a team of workers so that you can enter in the most captchas possible in that space of 15 minutes - the more workers the better.(if you are solo I will only consider employing you if you have something amazing to bring to the table e.g you have a 30/30mbit connection, and you live relatively close to U.S. servers) Please specify the size of the team and your esstimated Captchas solved in 30 minutes time!
5) I want quotes p/ 1000 Captchas, but since speed is SO important, I am absolutely willing to give bonuses/extra cash etc. to the team and/or individuals who can demonstrate the ability to solve lots of captchas in the first minute of work. I would rather have 300 captchas solved in the first 30 seconds, than 3,000 captchas solved but it takes an hour. I will pay for speed and ability to solve lots of captchas VERY quickly.
6) I need a team that can grow with me and that is available at least 6of7 days p/ week at the times specified above.

I will absolutely make this worth your time if you meet the criteria specified above - Serious inquiries only!

Thanks for Your interest!


Skills: Data Entry, Data Processing

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