fully integrated E Commerce web site for perfums & colognes

ECommerce web site generic requirements

Look and Feel:

Aesthetically pleasing and uniform look and feel. Design of the whole website which can be bench marked against the best websites on the Internet.

The side needs to be coded SEO friendly, DO NOT code web site for the search engine spiders, code it for what it’s meant for with the SEO strategies.

In the process of developing the layout, the service provider will offer at least 4-5 different layouts to the client to choose from.

Supported language(s):

English only

Customer feedbacks

Product ratings

Customer testimonials

Fragrance Lab or Fragrance Finder:

(This is where shoppers pick and select the components of the perfumes to query the data based against the components that they select) similar tools is on this website just for idea but our will be broken down into more details: [url removed, login to view]

This will take place among the main categories will have logo with hyper link. This will include: gender, category, fragrance notes that are addable and deductible from the query. That could by selecting, putting check marks, drop down menus and alike.


1. It should have intuitive navigation, to get customers quickly and efficiently to the merchandise they are looking for.

2. Appropriate Bread crumbs should be provided to help users avoid getting lost by indicating to them where they are within the website

3. Left navigation showing all perfumes and designer links by alphabet.

Improved Search Security and Usability Capabilities:

1. It should provide Search by alphabet

2. Text Search {Capability to search by keywords, item Number, Description}

3. Featured Products, Top Sellers, New Arrivals, Close outs

4. View all designer page (set by alphabet – like in [url removed, login to view])

Products listing page:

1. It should provide filtering and sorting (by alphabet, by price).

2. Percentage or fix dollar amount discount should be shown (upon request)

3. Automated browse-mode thumbnails

Product Detail Page and Shopping Cart Pages:

1. Payment Integration to collect on-line payment with any credit card service (we will sign-up for the service).

2. Pay Pal and Google checkout payments (API login ID and transaction keys will be provided for the payment instruments)

3. Detailed information about every product

4. Show together products belonging to a particular brand

5. Show products from same designer

6. Show similar products

7. All pages where sensitive personal information is collected and transmitted online will be made secure and information sent via SSL (we will acquire SSL certificate).

8. Automatic inactivate from site once a product falls below minimum order quantity or marking them out of stock and displaying a “notify me option” under the out of stock item.

9. Shipping and Handling Charges – by number of items or by order amount.

10. Free Shipping and Handling over certain amount orders.

11. Email this product to a friend feature

12. Online order tracking via email and from My Account section

13. Printable Thanks/Confirmation Page after order is submitted, email receipt to customer.

When any visitor browses the site it shall provide following features:

1. Signup

2. Login

3. Forgot Password and Change Password

4. Edit Profile including Edit Billing/Shipping Address (customer based personalized calendar that will track the events and email reminders with personalized message with the occasion accompanied with product link from the site)

5. When shoppers are logged in on the site; the site will display the name at all times.

6. View Orders that he/she has placed

7. Online order tracking – using my account or search using order no. and zip code

Features to keep customers coming back to web sites:

1. Wish list

2. E-mail marketing

3. Coupon builder – auto discounts based on order amount, quantity based discounts

4. Bookmark the site in client’s favorites option

Product detail page:

I am attaching a picture with sample product details.

1. Also all related items or sub categories should display under the selected item like, fragrances, bath & body, gift sets, minis and etc

2. Each page should have separate dynamic banner, the home page’s banners should indicate the current event. It shall have 3 different banners per category plus (need to have banners for the all holidays and events throughout the year like Valentine’s day, Father’s, Mother’s day, Christmas, New Year and etc.) that can be managed from the control panel.

3. Any phone numbers (like toll free) that are on the home page / banner integrated not the one in the “contact us” page should be manageable from the control panel.

4. The site needs to have a good “site map”.

5. Needs to have become a whole seller section, when they request a quote it will not modify the inventory level (meaning will not deduct quantity from the inventory)

6. The site should center itself when loaded on the screen meaning will not be aligned to the very left of the screen.

7. Examples: [url removed, login to view] is aligned to the left, [url removed, login to view] is centered, and also needs to be wide as [url removed, login to view]

8. The contents of the static pages should be manageable from the control panel.

9. When the browser requests that domain for very first time after the site is loaded an instant coupon offer should slide from left or right side requesting visitors email address and customer survey poll on “how did you hear about us” that will email it to the visitors immediately after they submit the requested information. As you can see in the side picture of [url removed, login to view] site.

10. Coupons: manageable from the control panel and can be: dollar amount or % percentage, date range, single, multiple use and alike features.

11. The search box should be on every page where shoppers can search for items.

12. Search feature or search script will do a spell check and will search the word to closest to any item name / description in the database or will recommend like in Google “did you mean this xxxxx” otherwise if something is misspelled (one letter misspelling only) will display with no results. That feature is on the [url removed, login to view] web site.

13. The site will advertise free shipping in US only for any order above $70.00 (including discounts), if shopper is checking out with an item(s) that costs less the $70.00 then the check out script should calculate the difference between the cart and the $70.00 and offer advise “shop for $[url removed, login to view] more to qualify for free U.S. shipping” and also when the condition is met it will display a message or statement like “you qualify for free shipping, if in USA”.

14. Shipping rates: we will do flat rate with four shipping options or will integrate shipping calculator (Standard Ground, Priority US, Express US and International). Just like on [url removed, login to view]

15. System will generate SO (sales order number): starting from 5000 to ~ indefinite with the following format “I500X for international orders” and “W500X for stateside orders”.

16. Check out options: PayPal and Google checkout (API login ID and transaction keys will be provided for the payment instruments).

17. Checkout should allow coupon entry field right before check out. In the coupon text box when you type and apply coupon code. System should display something (error message) if the coupon code is not valid?

18. Check out should apply tax to the shoppers within NY State or home state ship to addresses and the tax rate should be manageable from the control panel. Please display this statement on the checkout page right under the total and checkout buttons (No sales tax unless shipping to N.Y. )

19. Check out should offer gift wrap $2.99, gift bag $1.99 and gift box $3.99 (the gift items will be in different textures or patterns so they need to select pattern or texture and also they should be manageable from the control panel like picture, title and price) with personalized free gift message, all of these should appear as items that you can select and add to cart; and shoppers should be able to select more than one gift item in an order. This option also will display and picture and explain how the gift wrap is down.

20. Right before you place the order it should allow you to “edit” the order, the payment, the ship to and shipping method.

21. The check out process should include those sections or alike:

Welcome  address  shipping  payment  order receipt

22. Mailing list should allow export option to allow use of 3rd party mail applications

23. Shoppers should be able to see status of their orders (ordered, processing, shipped and will email tracking info) from shipping Co.

24. Among the shipping states it should have AA, AE, AP the military addresses and it should have international “ship to” as well, and it will have list of all the countries (220 countries).

25. Site should automatically switch to SSL (secure socket layer) when users login (pass credentials) and on the checkout process as well.

26. Gift certificate: when it is purchased the system should create a serial code of certain length and will add it to a certificate template and email it to the purchaser’s email address and at the same time will add it to the database for later use so when they are paying by gift certificate the system will call it from the database and deactivate that serial code so it can not be used again. (Or something of that nature) here on the right is a sample.

27. If we implement a currency on the site how does it update; manually or automatically? If manually updated integrate disclaimer.

28. When the shoppers create logins or register that process should be as least painful as possible we don’t need too much information from the customers. (Name, last name, gender, birth year, email, and password) the rest of the information will be acquired when they check out. On the [url removed, login to view] site when you initially register there is too much fields mandatory we don’t need that.

29. While checking out; after the billing information is provided and you go to the next step (shipping) system should bounce or verify the country, state and zip code (at least for US shoppers) and if not valid should offer correction in red color. For example that can be seen on [url removed, login to view]

30. in the bottom of the home page, product page, and designer page on the site we want a site description or more about this site in html coding which includes most of the meta title, keywords and description, that are the most biddable words that increase the site search ratings as you can see on [url removed, login to view] and [url removed, login to view]

“more about [url removed, login to view]

Discount perfume deals, cologne, and fragrances are just the beginning. [url removed, login to view] was created to provide consumers worldwide with fast, outstanding, quality, service. We carry the largest inventory of discounted perfumes, fragrances, skincare, candles, haircare, skin care, aromatherapy and more at the lowest possible prices. We will deliver your favorite perfume to your doorstep offering Free U.S. shipping for orders above $70. We only carry genuine brand name perfumes and colognes at the best possible low cheap prices. Absolutely NO imitations or knock-offs. Customer reviews on perfume, cologne, skincare and celebrity perfumes will help you choose the fragrance that suits you best. [url removed, login to view] has been online since 1997”

Static Pages:

About privacy policy, FAQ, terms, conditions & shipping policy, customer service, trade show and any other static pages as required by client’s business. Contents for the static pages will be provided.

Basic web elements and components but not limited to:

All coding shall be done with SEO strategies, if you don’t know what that means will break it down for you simply:

Table less coding, divisions and CSS, plain html coding with no macromedia, videos, java scripts and alike unless otherwise stated.

All web elements will be utilized while coding the site like:

All the images that are included or uploaded to the site will have image tags (those tag names shall be available to be inputted while uploading from the admin panel)

Tags both html and Meta tags

Links internal and external

Links shall be meaningful example: if we are planning to land to a product “coffee mug” that is located at root under products under gifts and product name with image name [url removed, login to view] so the link for this item shall look like so: [url removed, login to view]

Popularity (social networks)

Facebook, myspace, linkedin, tweeter, dig this, blogger, yammer, orkut and etc. (the html codes will be provided for those accounts and buttons)

Meta title (also manageable from admin panel)

Meta keywords (also manageable from admin panel)

Meta description (also manageable from admin panel)

Error page (404) should be redirected and provide report to option with pre-populated fields about the link and page and when submitted this will land to the webmasters email for correction and will redirect the user to the home page

Validate html codes (if you don’t validate I will validate for you and will bill you for analyzing and validating the html codes)

Anchors and anchor text

Alt attributes and other tags

Title tags

Header tag and content (H1, H2, H3 and etc)

Body text

URLs and file names as mentioned above

Shall be optimized for mobile users

Site map

[url removed, login to view] dictating what to be crawled and what not to be crawled

Bread crams navigation/ indicator to allow users track where they are currently located


Google analytics tools

Page ranking

Conversion tracking code

And more alike

Mobile web:

The mobile site shall be coded in XHTML and be compliant with the World Wide Web consortium’s design guidelines.

Tips to keep in mind while coding the site for mobile users:

Keep the navigation simple

Use very small images or sparingly

Don’t use flash, pop-ups, javascripts or frames (mobile devices are not equipped to display those technologies)

Keep the most important content on the to of the page

Use formatting tags like <h> and <b> to ensure that mobile web crawlers understand the page layout

Use [url removed, login to view] file

If you coding a phone number for mobile users make sure its clickable that will allow the user to click to call this will be highly appreciate by mobile users

Use these sites to see how your site will look if browsed from a mobile device:

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

Preferred programming language:

We require the site shall be programmed in php language, with apache front end and mySql for backend. If original php code is modified for better php engine performance, project should be delivered with the modified php code before compilation.

Coding shall be compatible with any web browser out there in the industry, we dont want one feature to work with one browser and not to work with another.

Web site shall not have any java scripts, macromedia, flash or videos on the site. It shall have a good site map, robots file in the root and all the basic required elements for a good web site. It shall be coded table less, with div and CSS, if any images they shall be tagged properly. Any links in the site or on the address bar shall be meaningful.

Any login session, authentication, and control panel must be behind SSL.

Wholesale section:

Wholesalers will have check out just like the retail shoppers, they can login and see items with the assigned price level for that specific customer and they can add them to cart, select shipping method and they will have two submit buttons: “submit order” and “request quote”.

The free shipping deals and discount coupons will not apply in here. It will have regular shipping charges for the wholesale shoppers.

Also we want to have multi price levels for the wholesale customers we don’t want to sell them all the retail items that we sale online to the regular retail customers but they should see only those items that have wholesale price assigned to them or we can separate the database for the wholesalers.

Q: how many price levels will wholesale have?

A: wholesale will have 5 price levels plus one “suggested retail price” level.

The price level titles will remain as they are “price level 1,2,3,4 and 5” and the last one will be the “suggested retail price” title may be can be abbreviated as "Sug. Ret. Prc or SRP" these abbreviations are only for the administrator or for the control panel side not for the customer. Let the customer see the full name of the price level.

Whole sale customers should be able to see the assigned price level prices plus the suggested retail prices in their quotes.

Q: When do you want the quantity deducted from the inventory at the time the order is approved or at the time when order is shipped?

A: Let the system deduct the quantity from inventory when the order is approved.

Q: When do you want the quantity deducted from the inventory for check or money order customers since they orders will be automatically approved due to payment method is by check or money order.

Options are either as soon as order is approved or after the order is shipped.

A: let it deduct or allocate the quantity at the time of approval or in this case since check customer orders will be approved automatically at the time they place the order it will deduct the quantity from the real inventory.

The customer should get a approval email with the item or order details with total amount, whom to make the check payable, where or to which address to mail the check and how long this will take approximately to process all that. So they know when to expect their order.

But we still want to be able to see that order as check payment and that is pending check payment and will not be shipped till their payment is received.

Wholesale registration

They can register just like a regular user (they will have company, company URL and TIN fields mandatory) but they will not be able to create password and user name.

The new wholesale user should be in the list with pending status, when the admin approves the user and sets the password and then the system will send an email to the user’s email address with the predefined template for approved users.

Control panel or site administration module

1. Add / Modify / Delete / View - products, category, coupons, clients etc.

2. List of Orders Placed

3. Change the status and other information of Order – including changing shipping addresses.

4. Shipping rate and Free shipping option

5. The Taxes Editor to allow you to collect, or not collect tax, based on location, AND set the rate (percent %) for each state

6. Ability to import and export data (in csv format) or do manual data entry.

7. Email Templates for various common emails with Edit/ Add/ Modify E-mail Templates

8. Manage products to show on home page and other main pages (Men, Women, Children etc. – which appears in top level navigation)

9. E-Mail to all Clients

10. Generate Coupons

11. Quantity Discount or Price Discount

12. All listings on the site should have next page, last page and very first page buttons for ease navigation.

What kind of modules or categories will be in the admin module and what can be managed by the site admin?

1. Admin: list, add, modify, and assign permissions to site admin users and alike tasks.

2. Client: list, add, modify, wholesale list, customer request and alike tasks.

3. Manufacturer: list, add, and modify manufacturer and alike tasks.

4. Category: list, add, and modify category and alike tasks.

5. Brand: list, add, and modify brand and alike tasks.

6. Product: all product related functions go in here like: list, add, home page, category page products, home page images, missing images export/download in csv or excel file, product reviews, Testimonials and alike tasks.

7. Orders: all order related tasks will go here: order summary, order summary for wholesaler, order reports, order report for wholesalers, member shopping trends, more than one orders, ordered just once, no ordered, tracking imports, Google orders and alike tasks.

8. Gift Certificates: all GC related tasks go in here.

9. Newsletters: all newsletter related tasks go in here.

10. Site options: general, shipping mode, shipping rates, payment options, credit cards types, instant coupon settings, discount coupons, quantity discounts, free shipping coupon, tax rates, meta tag info, currency converter, language options and alike tasks.

11. Mail format: bulk mail, templates, static pages and alike tasks go in here.

12. Export / import: import/update products, export orders, export products, export price grabber feed, shopzilla exports, export froogle, goodle adword tracker export and alike tasks go in here.

13. Reports: top 10, client reports, tax reports, shipping charge reports, export ordered products and alike task go in here.

14. Banners: list, add and banner related tasks go in here.

15. system: system related tasks like, back up, maintenance mode, configuration and etc

16. within the admin menus each page shall have navigation buttons just like on the eBay website, previous page, next page, first page, last page, print this page, go back to …........ Whatever the menu might be.

These are just for general idea and not limited to the above listed tasks. Not to mention that within the menus the system will give various query option by date range, status, by sku, product name, stock and etc. I am sure your database engineers shall know that better since they know what is the purpose of those queries and etc.


1. View all orders placed by a given Customer

2. View all orders that have not yet been fulfilled.

3. View orders for a date range

4. View items with stock level under “xx (customizable)” quantity

5. View orders with certain SKU.

Sales Reports:

1. Sales report

2. Sales Tax report

3. Shipping Charge reports

4. Total invoiced

5. Total refunded

6. Coupons

7. Gift certificates sold and used.

8. Down loadable option to quick books accounting program

Report pages shall fit in a page when it’s printed especially if it is an order pages or alike it shall not chop the page or the content into more than one page.

Printed pages shall not display the link for the file location in the bottom or footer of the printed page.

Log files for http, ftp/sftp, e-mail, webDAV:

Allow the log files to be read via the admin panel in html format

That will include:

Source ip address and make the ip address hyperlink so it can query the “whois” database

Date: including the time and seconds and +/- GMT format

What they accessed or what file or image they requested from he web server

What kind of browser and OS requested or accessed the page or file did it return successfully or returned an error if so what error code and where it redirect the request after the error

Admin users’ management module

When you create users for the back end it should provide permission levels or roles for the created users like root and non-root users. It should have a list of all the tasks that are at the admin modules and by check marks the admin will manage the permission level or role of the newly created users just like in Joomla or similar programs.

The data feed for the site will be provided in txt or csv file so you can upload it when you get to that stage.

The whole inventory in the control panel should be down and up loadable to a csv file, with the required fields.

If the system recognize a new line in the csv file it will create that item with all the fields in it except for the picture, if recognizes no change in the line will disregard it, if recognizes missing line will deactivate the item in the system. All the mass changes to the site will be done with the master csv file.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions in regards the requirements.


Ersin Gokay

Certified Sr. IT Engineer

Skills: eCommerce

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