eBay Bot/Application to Determine Category & Selling Price

Knowledge in programming, eBay & mathematics are a great help for this project. I need a bot/application coded in any programming language as long as it runs on windows 7 x64 OS. Essentially, I need the bot to take a list of products in CSV file and determine which category best suits the product for listing on eBay. Next, I need the bot to calculate the final eBay selling price taking into consideration eBay fees, PayPal Fees, and my desired profit. I have attached an example of the CSV format I will be working with for your reference called “Product CSV”.

1. Collect Category IDs for list of products in a CSV file.

eBay categories are organized by main categories and sub categories. Look at this page for an example: [url removed, login to view] At the top of this page are the categories listed: Toys & Hobbies > Building Toys > LEGO > Sets > Creator. The main category is “Toys & Hobbies” and the Final Sub Category is “Creator”. I need the Final Sub Category ID added to the Product CSV file under the “Category” column. I also need the bot to store the main category name. The main category name can be stored in the “StoreCategory” column of the Product CSV file.

The bot will need to pull the name of the product from the Product CSV file “Title” column then search eBay for the product and analyze the top results to determine the best category for that product. The category ID can be found in the URL to the category. Example: Creator: [url removed, login to view] “168273” is the category ID. If there is a better way to determine the best category for the products, I’m open to suggestions.

2. Calculate Selling Price based on a User Determined Profit Value

In the same Product CSV file I will have the cost of the product listed “MyCost” column (this is the price it cost me to buy the item). Then I will need a profit field in the bot which will allow me to determine how much I wish to make in profit while taking into consideration the eBay and PayPal fees to sell items. Basically I want the bot to take the cost of the product and figure out what the final selling price should be if I want to make X profit. I need to be able to change the profit amount as needed. Example: If I buy LEGO Creator Grand Emporium from my supplier for $100. Say I want to make $20 from it after I sell it. I need the bot to take $100(from Product CSV file) + eBay Fee + PayPal Fee + $20(Profit Amount Selected in bot) and give me the final selling price that will make me the profit I desire. After the bot calculates the selling price the bot needs to add this value to the Product CSV file in the column “StartPrice”.

eBay fees for stores are located here: I only list fixed price listings on eBay. [url removed, login to view]

The eBay fees calculate based on 4 categories and have different fee calculations.

In order for the bot to know which fee category the product falls under I have taken all the main eBay categories: [url removed, login to view] and specified which main categories align with the 4 eBay fee categories. This way the bot can determine the correct fee category for each product. Example: LEGO Creator Grand Emporium, main category is Toys & Hobbies and the bot would know that this main category is for the fee category “All other categories” by checking a list of “eBay categories” CSV file I have attached.

Paypal Fees are calculated at 2.9% plus a flat $0.30 per transaction. [url removed, login to view] - “Accepting payments” section.

The speed of the bot is a major factor for me as it will need to process 1,000s of products daily. If multithreading is needed I will let you determine this. I need this bot completed ASAP. All suggestions and questions are welcomed. Thank you.

I've heard the you may be able to use eBay API to do determine the product categories and that it would be faster but I'm unsure if this is correct. This would be the desired method if possible.

Skills: eBay

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