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1- Plot the specific energy and specific force curves for 10 m rectangular channel carrying 15 cubic meters per second discharge. Use 0.2 m depth increments up to 1.4 m. Also determine the critical depth and minimum specific energy. Explain how a change in discharge would affect the specific force curve. Use spreadsheet to plot the specific energy and specific force curves.

2- A rectangular channel 3.6 m wide contracts to a 1.8-m wide rectangular channel and then expands back to the 3.6-m width. The contraction is gradual enough that head losses can be neglected, but the expansion loss coefficient is 0.5. The discharge through the transition is 10 m3/s. If the downstream depth at the re-expanded section is 2.4 m, calculate the depths at the approach section and the contracted section.

Hint: E2=E3 + hL and hL= k[(v2/2g)2-(v2/2g)3], k=0.5

3- The discharge of water over a spillway 80 ft wide is 10,000 cfs into a stilling basin of the same width. The lake level behind the spillway has an elevation of 200 ft, and the river water surface elevation downstream of the stilling basin is 100 ft. Assuming a 10 percent energy loss in the flow down the spillway, find the invert elevation of the floor of the stilling basin so that the hydraulic jump forms in the basin. Select the appropriate U.S. Bureau of Reclamation (USBR) stilling basin and sketch it showing all dimensions.

4- a- Calculate the normal and critical depths for the following rectangular channel:

„X Q=15 m3/s

„X Channel width= 3 m

„X Channel slope = 0.002 m/m

„X Manning¡¦s n = 0.025

„X Depth of water at x=0.0 = 1 m

„X The channel invert x=0.0 is 0.4 m.

b- Calculate water surface profile at x=0.0, x=5m, x=10m, x=15, and x=20 m using the information in section 'a'.

c- Plot water surface profile, normal depth, channel invert, total energy line and critical depth in a same graph.

For your calculations set up a spreadsheet similar to one you did for your tutorial.

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