Database Design- Cemetery Management-part 2

This is part 2 of the database project. Details will be worked out between the last Freelancer and myself...and reposted here.

Database Design- Cemetery Management

This project is for the design of a ‘sellable’ software solution to managing the various components of a cemetery. The solution could be (but is certainly not limited) an MS Access database that can be sold over the web to churches and such that manage and maintain cemeteries. I’ve taken a pretty good crack at this myself. And…I’m pretty happy with what I came up with..but I’m just not versed enough in the details of Access to really make it robust enough to sell. I couldn’t, for example, find a way to calculate the age of someone at the time they died (i.e. how long they lived). So, clearly this is a requirement of any bidders that you can demonstrate this ability. I’ll set a small milestone up for showing that you can do this. (It’s pretty tricky from what I’ve seen…but…I’m a mechanical guy…so I could be just way off).

I will supply my sample database. However, I’d just as soon prefer original work. So, that will take a little understanding of what really would make a good database…and what is needed to make something someone would want to buy. As mentioned…I’ve pondered this pretty well you’re not completely on your own. But, I need someone that understands the application…as well as someone that can do the programming.

This could be an HTML/web solution as well. In that scenario…customers would run the software either over the net…or be able to run it independently on their own PC. It may require that there be a better front end entry to the database than Access can offer. I’m not a wizard in these areas (otherwise I’d do it myself). So, I’m open to suggestions.

Please provide examples of other database projects you’ve worked on. Screenshots are fine. The better I can understand your capabilities…the better your chances for getting hired. It would also be greatly appreciated if you could write a short paragraph on your overall approach for tackling this project…inputs/outputs…and such. Your resume isn’t as interesting as your capabilities. There’s probably some teenagers out there that can knock my socks off that have never sat in on a programming class. Impress me.

If I can reasonably obtain this database…I’ll take it to the next step of setting up a site and begin marketing it. Keep that in the back of your minds too.

Thanks for your help,


CreativeDolphins--Since Freelancer makes it very hard to reach individuals outside of a project, I've invited you to bid on this database project. It's more for finishing the database itself. But, with the first part underway, I want to bring you into the loop on how the site is being setup. Please shoot me a note via this project so we can continue our dialog. Best regards and Blessings to you. Andy

Skills: Excel, Microsoft Access, SQL

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