Excel with api knowlege - Need to change the api key in the coding

Hello , i have the existing tool. the previous api key has expire and i need to put the new api in the coding to make it work

I have stopped working the module but I think it could be that the API key has changed. How can I verify it?

Apparently they have changed the urls of the api and that's why it doesn't work anymore

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If you can make the necessary modification

Its a urgent job

I have uninstalled it and reinstalled it but there is no way to make it work

I already found the problem

the problem is not the one I just told you

is that if a cell contains more than x characters I know that locked

for example this:

</SPAN></SPAN></P><P STYLE="font-size:13px;"><SPAN><SPAN>Die maximal empfohlenen Ladeströme entnehmen Sie bitte den untenstehenden technischen Daten</SPAN></SPAN></P><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><P STYLE=""><SPAN><SPAN>Auf gar keinen Fall dürfen Ladegeräte verwendet werden, die versuchen, tiefentladene Batterien unter 10 Volt mit einer Spannung von mehr als 14,9 Volt zu desulfatieren, bevor sie mit der eigentlichen Ladung beginnen. </SPAN></SPAN></P><P STYLE=""><SPAN><SPAN>Die maximale Ladespannung von 14,9 Volt darf in keinem Fall überschritten werden. Es besteht Explosionsgefahr. </SPAN></SPAN></P><p>&nbsp;</p><P STYLE=""><SPAN><SPAN>Der Hersteller garantiert eine ausreichende Startkapazität bis zu -5 Grad Celsius.</SPAN></SPAN></P><p>&nbsp;</p><P STYLE=""><SPAN><SPAN>Technik </SPAN></SPAN></P><P STYLE=""><SPAN><SPAN>JMT Lithium-Ionen Batterien verwenden als Kathodenmaterial Eisenphosphat (LiFePO4) und verwenden das Lithium-Polymer Verfahren bei der Herstellung. </SPAN></SPAN></P><P STYLE=""><SPAN><SPAN>Dadurch können sie im Normalbetrieb weder in Flammen aufgehen noch explodieren. </SPAN></SPAN></P><P STYLE=""><SPAN><SPAN>Die Technik und das Herstellungsverfahren gewährleisten den höchsten Sicherheitsstandard bei Lithium Batterien.</SPAN></SPAN></P><p>&nbsp;</p><P STYLE=""><SPAN><SPAN>- 12 V wartungsfreie Lithium-Ionen-Batterie</SPAN></SPAN></P><P STYLE=""><SPAN><SPAN>- Ladestrom empfohlen 3,5 A</SPAN></SPAN></P><P STYLE="font-size:13px;"><SPAN STYLE="font-size:11px;"><SPAN>- maximaler Ladestrom für Schnellladung 28 A</SPAN></SPAN></P><p>&nbsp;</p><P STYLE=""><SPAN><SPAN>Vergleichbar in Maßen und Anschlüssen mit:</SPAN></SPAN></P><P STYLE=""><SPAN><SPAN>Yuasa Herst.-Nr</SPAN></SPAN></P><P STYLE=""><SPAN><SPAN>YTX20H-BS</SPAN></SPAN></P><P STYLE=""><SPAN><SPAN>YTX20HL-BS-PW</SPAN></SPAN></P><P STYLE=""><SPAN><SPAN>YTX20-BS</SPAN></SPAN></P><P STYLE=""><SPAN><SPAN>GYZ16HL</SPAN></SPAN></P><P STYLE=""><SPAN><SPAN>YB16-B-CX</SPAN></SPAN></P><P STYLE=""><SPAN><SPAN>YB16-B</SPAN></SPAN></P><P STYLE=""><SPAN><SPAN>YB16C-B</SPAN></SPAN></P><P STYLE=""><SPAN><SPAN>YB18-A</SPAN></SPAN></P><P STYLE=""><SPAN><SPAN>Y50-N18A-A</SPAN></SPAN></P><P STYLE=""><SPAN><SPAN>YTX20HL-BS</SPAN></SPAN></P><P STYLE=""><SPAN><SPAN>YTX24HL-BS</SPAN></SPAN></P><P STYLE=""><SPAN><SPAN>YTX15L-BS</SPAN></SPAN></P><P STYLE=""><SPAN><SPAN>YTX18L-BS</SPAN></SPAN></P><P STYLE=""><SPAN><SPAN>YTX20L-BS</SPAN></SPAN></P><P STYLE=""><SPAN><SPAN>YB16HL-A-CX</SPAN></SPAN></P><P STYLE=""><SPAN><SPAN>Y50-N18L-A-CX</SPAN></SPAN></P><P STYLE=""><SPAN><SPAN>YB16L-B</SPAN></SPAN></P><P STYLE=""><SPAN><SPAN>YB16L-A2</SPAN></SPAN></P><P STYLE=""><SPAN><SPAN>YB16CL-B</SPAN></SPAN></P><P STYLE=""><SPAN><SPAN>YB18L-A</SPAN></SPAN></P><P STYLE=""><SPAN><SPAN>YB18L-A2</SPAN></SPAN></P><P STYLE=""><SPAN><SPAN>Y50-N18L-A</SPAN></SPAN></P><P STYLE=""><SPAN><SPAN>Y50N18L-A2</SPAN></SPAN></P><P STYLE=""><SPAN><SPAN>Y50N18L-A3</SPAN></SPAN></P><P STYLE=""><SPAN><SPAN>SYB16L-B</SPAN></SPAN></P><P STYLE=""><SPAN><SPAN>SY50-N18L-AT</SPAN></SPAN></P><p>&nbsp;</p>

it seems that it cannot translate more than 6000 characters approximately

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