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Hi I need software to be made with the functions below; I have competitor software that you can model as well as a similar software that I bought resell rights for. This should make the programming and workload much less..also you can keep a copy of the software for yourself which you can sell if you want.

If you have any ideas about features/imporvements you can add to the software let me know.

here are some of the features needed in the software there's also questions/more info at the bottom of the email.....

* Works with all payment processing services-including ClickBank, Paypal, 2Checkout, PaySystems… even your individual merchant account!

* Protects any type of digital file-including .pdf, .exe. and software applications!

* Limits product access to valid users-those who have paid for it and obtained an access code!

* Prevents sharing of the product-the access code is uniquely matched to the user and his/her computer!

* Revokes access to products of buyers who have obtained refunds-they can't continue using it after getting their money back!

* Secures an unlimited number of files-no matter how many different products you sell!

* Installs easily with goof-proof instructions-anyone can do this!

* Virtually "drives" itself-it's incredibly easy to use!

* Provides unsurpassed protection of your digital products-from all types of unauthorized uses!

* Track the use of your product. With the magic of IP-tracking technology, you'll know exactly how many people are using your product, where they got it from, and whether they've paid for it!

* Collect information on your buyers. Your customers register their new product by submitting their name and email address. License codes are automatically generated and immediately provided to your customers so they can use their product. A record is created for you with the customer's name, email address and license code.

* Contact unauthorized people using your product. You can give them a chance to do the right thing and pay for it, or simply deactivate their copy!

* Disable a buyer's copy of your product when he/she obtains a refund. No more free rides at your expense! (Wouldn't it be great to see the look on their face when they realize their something-for-nothing scheme didn't work?)

* Set expiration dates for your product. This is a great feature if you charge a monthly fee. For instance, you could offer a free trial, and if the payment isn't submitted by the time the free trial offer expires, you can make the product inaccessible

-I'd be interested in what type of features i should add/ways to improve the software and how you can make the software security piracy proof...

how much would this cost?

You'll need to pretty much start from 0... I can pay for membership for anyone one of the sites below so you can see how they are doing things.

This will probably make things faster for you.


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