Finish translation of WP technical website from English to Spanish (Mex/Latin American) - repost

REQUIRED: Knowledge of how to edit the text of WordPress images (title, description, alternate text, caption): This is critical because this is the majority of the translation work to be done on this site.


The site has about 200 posts: Many are very short posts and ~70% have already been translated: I estimate that:

1. Almost all of the titles of the posts have been translated from English to Spanish (but in many cases the body of the post and the image-text has not been translated).

2. About 70% of the posts' "body text" have already been translated from English to Spanish.

3. None of the posts' images have had the text associated with the images, translated from English to Spanish: But of course this is critical.

4. 100% of the categories have already been translated

5 The tags SHOULD NOT be translated - leave the tags in English


a. Prepare a list (in Excel spreadsheet) of all posts in the site, listed by public URL (not by the URL from inside the control panel).

b. For each post, state whether or not the following components of the post have been translated: Title (almost always will be "yes"), body text, and image text. Rate each post's original translation: Rate the original translation as "good" or "poor"

c You may find that the first freelancer who attempted a translation of this site - maybe they used an auto-translator and therefore maybe the translation is poor.

D. In other words, have at least five columns in the spreadsheet: URL, and then three columns in which to state the state of translation of the three elements of the post, and a column in which you rate the original translation as "good" or "poor". Then as you work on step two below (translation, you will update the spreadsheet accordingly to state which posts you have translated.

I will release a milestone of 25% after you complete Phase# 1.

PHASE #2: Do the actual translation of all English to Spanish.

You will not translate "slugs," URLs, or tags, as this would ruin the link structure of the site: Please do not touch slugs or links or tags: Do not translate the post URLs and do not alter the post URLs in any way.

Here is the site for which the completion of the translation into Spanish is to be done:

[url removed, login to view]

And here is an English version of the site:

[url removed, login to view]

The two sites have the same URL suffixes (in 98% of cases) so that you can easily refer back to the original English version of any page that is partially or poorly translated into Spanish.

DO NOT RELY UPON AUTO TRANSLATOR or any other automatic means to translate. You must have a full understanding of the nuances of both languages and how to translate to Spanish that is most relevant to Mexico.

Your user ID role on our website will be Editor: You will edit text (and the backend text of images and photos) - you will not need admin rights and so please do not request admin rights.

Regarding images and photos: The "backend" text must be translated: Title, Description, Caption and Alt text.


I'm a very reasonable person to do a project for, as long as you follow the instructions and guidelines above. If you try to fool me by using a "quick and dirty" approach with an auto-translator, I will give you a feedback that states exactly what you did - I will not hold back - I'll tell the truth. And if you do a good job or great job, I'll give you good or great feedback.

NATIVE SPANISH SPEAKER = a person from a household in which Spanish is the primary language; i.e., this would typically be a person in or from Latin America or Spain.


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