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Overall Scheme

Please do not respond to this if you simply respond with a company ad. I will be deleting all company ads and reporting these as violations of the "getafreelancer" rules unless you respond directly to the requirements within. Do not waste my time, I can do a google search and find all the ads i need!!!

The overall scheme of this plan is to maintain a website that contains some items that are updated on a monthly basis and others that are updated on a real time basis. Once a month a snapshot of the content (non archived articles, crew listings, and classifieds) will be taken and made into a publishable paper format. The development of the site should take this necessity to publish to a paper format into account during the development stages. The publish to paper step of this project will be the second phase.

The general site needs to have a nice feel with good graphics. This will be included in this project. I can provide graphics and a branding scheme for the company but the developer will have to integrate this into the website.

Index Page Specifications:

Graphical rich introduction page. Graphics to be selected by me. Should be original not a template. Right hand based navigation pane that will be same on each page. This navigation page should have mouse over effects and float with reader as they scroll down each page. This navigation pane should be used on all pages where possible. The site will be based on a ZOPE application server.

The first page will have one article updated monthly. This is similar to article 2 and 3 in format. Front page should have more graphics and buzz than the article 2 and 3 pages, just like the front page of a newspaper.

Should provide Linking to (provided for example, using ZOPE and DHTML the links will auto generate based on the structure of the web site, these are subject to change):

Article 2 (updated monthly)

Article 3 (updated monthly)

Future Article Sections (will need linking to from nav bar)

Advertisers Page

General Link page


Local Boat & Gear Auctions


Radios & GPS Sales

Reference Book Sales

Crew Listings

Past Article History

Contact Us

Article 2 & 3 (or more)

Linked to from first page and used for the monthly publication to paper only. Simple output can be used using same format with nav bar on right and story left. At end of month Article 2&3 should be renamed and moved to archives with ease.

Past Article History

Simply provides an archive by month of past articles. Should show month name with 3 article titles listed under each month. This page will be expanded in the future to show more than 3 articles. Keep this in mind during development. It should be easy for the web admin to move the current articles to the past history page, then replace the current articles. This page should have the common nav bar listed above. The procedure for moving the current publications to the past history should be automated as much as possible. This should be easy with zope using python.

Advertisers Page

This page will have graphical advertisements for paying customers. Graphics will be provided by advertisers. We will accept different size ads based on the development of this page. At a minimum 4 sizes should be options. Full page, ½ page split horizontally, 1/6 page (1/2 page horizontal split in 1/3 columns), and 1/12 page (1/6 page split again). Remember these will be graphics. Once the page layout is designed the designer should specify what sizes each ones of these type ads will accept. We will provide blank templates for download for our customers to then populate with graphics information. The graphics placed on this page will hyperlink to a specified link. This page should use the common nav bar listed above.

General Links Page

This page is a simple hyperlink listing. It will be divided into various topics. Link list and topics are available now. This page should use the common nav bar listed above.


Want calendar app that web admin can put events on. Should be graphical allowing user to scroll through months. Page should also have a link to allow email submissions of items to be placed on the calendar by administrator.

Local Boat & Gear Auctions

This section will use the ebay affiliate program to list local auctions for southern California. The first click to this page from the navigation bar should produce a page listing sailing gear and boats up for auction in CA. Upon selection of a developer the actual ebay categories will be defined. Other ebay sections may be specified during development. This page should also contain some of the other ebay revenue generating links to provide people signups links etc. The development of this page can be later in the design process and does not need to be complete for launch.

Classified Specifications:

Purpose of app is to allow a web user to submit and pay for a classified ad and then allow the web administrator to publish or de-publish specific ads. I have researched a few off the self applications and am open to using one of these as they look full featured at somewhat reasonable costs. I have not found a free version that I think is well supported. If you know of one please advise and we can use it. This app must support credit card and paypal payment methods.

I have found a program called eClassified that appears to have all the features we need. [url removed, login to view]

Skills: Adobe Flash, Banner Design, Graphic Design, Linux, Python

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